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Balloon Decorations

Balloon Arches – Balloon Bouquets – Balloon Arrangements

Balloon decorations are a fantastic way to bring colour and energy to your event. We can provide a wide range of balloons in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours; to ensure the perfect balloon experience!

Balloon Decorations For Special Events

Our balloon decorations are an ideal item for your event, from birthday celebrations to corporate events, weddings to parties. Made from the highest quality latex and foil, and prepared with expert care and attention, we can ensure a professional service throughout!

No matter what your event, we have a balloon decoration to suit. From bouquets to arches, these decorations create a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere, adding a colourful and vibrant touch, to your special celebrations.

balloon arch

Balloon Arch Decorations

Our balloon arches are perfect for adding a colourful finishing touch to your event. Available in a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes and styles, there’s plenty to choose from, allowing you to find the ideal decorations to suit your event. Balloon arches are a versatile decoration, that will create a big impact, no matter where they’re placed. Ideal for buffet, head or cake tables, balloon arches are a great way to create an entrance. Our balloon arch decorations are a great way of adding colour and more than a little drama!! Take a look below to see some of the balloon arch decorations we have to offer – available in a variety of colours and made to suit your specifications.

balloon decorations venue dressing

More photos of Balloon Arches

More photos of Corporate Balloon Decorations

Balloon Decorations

We can provide a wonderful array of balloon bouquet decorations, balloon arches, balloon sculptures, and even have giant number and letter balloons available; allowing you to spell out a special message or age, perfect for birthday parties!

Available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, our balloon bouquets will suit virtually any event, so no matter what you’re celebrating, we have the perfect balloon bouquet decorations, for you! We have many unusual and unique balloon designs, ranging from our balloon-in-balloon double bubble, to elegant topiary detailing. You can even choose your colour, size and shape of balloon to create a bouquet perfectly suited, to requirements and to your unique celebration!

balloons event decor

More photos of Balloon Bouquets

Children’s Balloon Decorations

Balloon Arrangements

Balloons can be elegant additional feature, creating a magnificent display of colour, or by adding subtle touches to your venue. All of our wedding balloon decorations are made up especially for your big day and are available in multiple colours, and can even be mixed and matched, to create a combination to suit your colour scheme.

corporate balloon decorationsVarious balloon decorations

More photos of Wedding Balloon Decorations

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