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Balloon Arches

Balloon Arch - Balloon Arch Decorations

Balloon Arch Decorations

We have included below just a few example balloon arches below:

Foil Balloon Arch

Foil Balloon Arch

Made using our highest-quality foil balloons, this arch is available in any size you choose, making it perfect for use in a variety of locations. Bursting with vivid colour, this is a decoration that can make your event come alive!

Available in a variety of colours, our foil balloon come in different sizes, and in either a heart, star or round shape.

Balloon Arch

Balloon Arch

A great way to promote your business and draw some attention in!! Balloon arches will certainly make your business stand out from the crowd!

Available in multiple colours to mix and match, this balloon arch can match any colour scheme. Weddings, birthdays, corporate events: this decoration is ideal for all these and more!

Giant Number and Letter Balloons

Foil Balloon Arch

A great way to draw attention to your promotion or event. Made from a choice of foil balloons – which will also last for a few days – stand out in style!

Our foil balloon arches are perfect for your event, adding dashes of vibrant colour, to your venue. Made from our finest foil balloons, this is decoration adds a magical shimmer to your venue!

balloon arch decorations

Balloon Arch Decorations

Made up on a bespoke basis, our extra special “triple row” balloon arches, will certainly turn heads! Made a in a choice of colours to work specifically for your colour scheme.

Our balloon arches are perfect for your event, no matter what your needs. Available in a range of different colours, shapes, sizes and materials, we really can tailor this decoration to suit your event requirements.

Foil Balloon Bouquets Table Decorations and Balloon Columns

Latex Balloon Bouquets – Balloon Arch Decorations

Our “Single Row” balloon arches are the perfect choice. These minimal but no less eye catching balloon arch decorations are the perfect way to create an entrance or to make a statement!

Made to measure, these balloon arches are a great way to create a vivacious impression before your guests have even entered your venue!

Latex balloon arch decoration

Latex Balloon Arch Decorations

Our “Single Row” balloon arches are a great way to add a focal point within your room setting, whether it’s behind a head table, buffet table, or to “frame” an entrance – a simple yet effective way to add a little bit of colour!!

Choose from a range of colours to mix and match, from vibrant reds and blues to contrasting blacks and whites. A fantastic way to tie in the various colours of your colour scheme!

Balloon Arch Decoration

Balloon Arch Decoration

This decoration works perfectly as an archway, framing your wedding aisle or entranceway, adding style and elegance to your event. Choose from a range of colours and sizes to create a decoration to suit your event setting!

Slightly different from our spiral arch, this linear version, is slightly more streamlined, but still as eye-catching!!

Spiral balloon Arch decoration

“Demi” Balloon Arch Decoration

Bursting with bubbling, vibrant balloons, this arch decoration is a perfect addition to any celebration. Whether used as an entrance arch or behind an important table, our “Demi” balloon arch decoration, is guaranteed to make your event stand out!

Made up on a bespoke basis – simply choose from a range of colours to create a decoration to suit your event setting!

Triple Row Balloon arch decoration

“Triple Row” Balloon Arch Decoration

Composed of three rows of premium latex balloons, this arch creates a lavish, impression. Our balloon arches are available in a variety of colours to mix and match, allowing you to create the perfect decoration, to suit your needs.

Made up to suit your specific venue requirements, let us know the colours you are looking for and size and height required, and we are good to go!

Balloon Bouquet Decoration

“Floating Topiary” Balloon Arch

Add a unique floral balloon, inspired touch to your venue with our Floating Topiary, balloon arch. Combining delicate floral balloon styling and our finest latex balloons, this decoration is sure winner!

To be able to provide this type of decoration, we will need to know more about your venue fixings, please contact us for more information!

Extra Large Triple Row Balloon Arch decoration

Extra Large Triple Row Balloon Arch

Extra large for maximum impact, this triple row balloon arch is sure to create a big impression. Available in a myriad of colours, this decoration can be made to suit your indoor or outdoor event. Tailored to suit your needs this bespoke decoration will certainly turn heads!

One of our largest balloon arches, please let us know the height and width required, and whether you would prefer the balloon arch to sit indoors or outdoors, to be able to provide a quote.

Spiral Triple Row Balloon Arch decoration

“Mickey” Inspired Balloon Arch

Inspired by everyone’s favourite Disney character, this balloon arch is perfect, for birthday parties or themed events. A balloon arch that will definitely create the right impression!

Made in a range of sizes to suit your buffet table, stage or entrance setting, this “Mickey” inspired balloon arch decoration will work brilliantly with your Children’s party setting.

Triple Row Balloon Arch

Triple Row Balloon Arch

With no less than three rows of balloons, available in a multitude of colours and sizes, our Triple Row Arch is an extravagant and flamboyant addition to your event. Perfect for framing a doorway and creating an impact – this balloon arch will certainly be a fabulous addition to your event.

A wonderfully inspired balloon decoration that will certainly create an entrance!

Various Items:

  • Three Latex Balloon Bouquet DecorationThree Latex Balloon Bouquet Decoration Choose from either a table or floor standing balloon bouquet decoration – available in a variety of colours – a perfect way to create an impact.
  • Five Balloon Foil and Latex Balloon Bouquet DecorationFive Balloon Foil and Latex Balloon Bouquet Decorations A great way table or floor standing balloon bouquet decoration, available in a range of colours to suit your event, expectations!
  • Three Latex and Foil Balloon DecorationThree Latex and Foil Balloon Decoration Choose from colourful latex balloons and metallic foil shaped decorations, these balloon bouquet arrangements, can be made as either a floor or a table decoration.
  • Triple Row Balloon ArchTriple Row Balloon Arch Arranged in an orderly line, our Triple Row “Linear” Balloon Arch, is a fantastic decoration, to sit behind your head table, or to create an entrance, around a doorway or within hallways.
  • Topiary Floor Standing Balloon DecorationTopiary Floor Standing Balloon Decoration Topiary balloon decorations can add a romantic touch to your event. Choose from a wide variety of colours to create a special touch.
  • Three Balloon Foil and Latex Balloon Bouquet DecorationThree Balloon Foil and Latex Balloon Bouquet Decoration Our balloon bouquet decorations are a great choice for a wide range of events. Choose from either floor or table standing heights, in a variety of colours to suit.
  • Five Latex Balloon Bouquet DecorationFive Latex Balloon Bouquet Decoration If you are looking for a larger impact then perhaps our floor or table standing decoration, will be of interest? Made to suit your colour requirements, this fabulous decoration, is a relatively in-expensive way of making a big impression.
  • Single Foil Table Balloon DecorationsSingle Foil Table Balloon Decorations Create a big impression with our metallic foil balloon bouquets. Choose from a circular, star or heart shape, available in a wide rang of colours. These balloon decorations are great to use as centrepieces for your tables, or as floor height decorations, fabulous!!
  • Single row Balloon Arch Decoration“Single row” Balloon Arch Decoration A lovely way to create an impression!! Our single row balloon arch decoration, will certainly stand out out from the crowd! Choose from a range of colours to suit.
  • Balloon Canopy DecorationBalloon Canopy Create a space with our dynamic balloon canopy. Made up on a bespoke basis, this is the perfect way to divide, a specific area. Made with your choice of latex balloons, and available in various styles, our balloon canopy is a great way to personalize your venue setting.
  • Themed Balloon DecorationsThemed Balloon Decorations The perfect way to incorporate a special theme into your event setting. Colourful and memorable, these high quality balloon decorations, will certainly bring about some themed characters right into your event setting.
  • Seven Latex and Foil Balloon BouquetSeven Latex and Foil Balloon Bouquet If you are looking for a special something to create a party feeling – then our wonderful foil and latex balloon bouquets, might be just the ticket!! Available in a range of colours.
  • Seven Latex Balloon BouquetSeven Latex Balloon Bouquet A great way to create a large decorative effect within your venue. Our “Seven” balloon bouquet is the perfect floor standing decoration. Includes a decorative weighted decoration, and made with the finest balloons, our colourful balloon decorations, are sure to tick all the right boxes!
  • Balloon Bunch Table DecorationBalloon “Bunch” Bouquet Balloons Decoration Contemporary and full of fun loving colour, our fabulous “Balloon Bunch” table centrepieces are made to create an impact. Choose from a range of colours – or even alternate them with another type of centrpiece to create a certain synchronicity.
  • Double Bubble Five Balloon Bouquet DecorationDouble Bubble Five Balloon Bouquet Decoration Classic and refined, our large “double bubble” table decoration, includes large clear balloons and internal colour detailing. Available as a table decoration or as a floor standing detail, this super large “Double Bubble” balloon bouquet will be something a little “out of the ordinary”!
  • Cloud Nine Double Bubble Balloon Bouquet DecorationCloud Nine Double Bubble Balloon Bouquet Decoratio Perhaps you are looking for a larger decorative effect? Then maybe our “Cloud Nine” floating topiary balloon decoration, might be just the ticket?! This large balloon decoration will be sure to create a rather large effect! Choose from a range of colours, to create a magical floating topiary balloon, decoration that is sure to please.
  • Double Bubble Balloon Bouquet ArchDouble Bubble Balloon Bouquet Arch Our “Double Bubble” balloon arch arrangement, is a simple and elegant way to “frame” a cake table, or small buffet table and to create an extra amount of detail. A clear latex balloon surround, with submerged colourful balloon detail, will ensure that this is a great way to add another dimension to your event setting.
  • Double Bubble Balloon Cake Decoration n“Double Bubble” Balloon Cake Decoration Excellent for framing a cake table, our “double bubble” balloon decoration will certainly stand out. This item is also available in a myriad of colours, to suit any colour scheme!

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