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Drape Backgrounds

Drape Decorations – Draping – Lighting Backgrounds

Our drapes form an ideal solution to hide those areas of your venue that you would rather not see, to create a focal point within the room.  Drapes are also a great way to divide or separate; or simply – to delight your guests!!. Our drapes, backgrounds and lighting effects, are perfect for Head Tables, Wedding Ceremonies, Parties and Corporate Functions. Teamed with accent colours; or lighting; drapes can be used to create a “blank canvas” or to make your own personalised statement within your event setting. Drapes and draped backgrounds are the perfect way to create your very own masterpiece within your venue setting!!

From scalloped swag additions to delicate fairy light detailing, our drape backgrounds can create the perfect backdrop, no matter what your event. Take a look below to see our complete range of flawless background drapes! We have a vast collection of drapes available, which range from plain draping to cover up walls, for etc in gymnasium’s or village halls; through to decadent shafts of lighting backgrounds, to delight your wedding guests. We have put together various collections; and there are also some brief descriptions of the different drapes shown below.

*Based on venue dressing service, there will also be an additional charge for delivery and collection. (Prices will vary according to the date & location of the venue, and timeframes for set up / dismantling.) Please contact us for more information.

Plain Draped Backgrounds – prices start from £150.00 on a hire basis*

Photo 1 – White Gathered Drapes available in two different heights.  Available as room drapes to cover all walls – with or without mood lighting. A great way to create an impact.

Photo 2 – Wall Drapes available with dressing on site. Available in two height settings. A great way to cover existing curtains or create a sophisticated atmospheric setting. Can be used to cover the entire room or single walls. Please contact us for a quote.

Photo 3 – Wall Drapes with Lighting – A great way to create atmosphere and to provide that Party setting. Available in various sizes.

Photo 4 – White Drapes with opening – Made to suit your venue – our wonderful drapes can be provided to suit your occasion.

Photo 5 – “Over Drapes”  – a great way to cover over existing curtains or to re-create your venue setting.  Can be combined with colourful fabric detailing if required. 

Photo 5 – “Room Drapes”  –  Create your own venue with our fabulous room draping.  Prices vary according to the size and style required.  Contact us for our best quote.

Photo 5 – “Black Drapes”  –  A great way to add atmosphere and lighting into your venue setting.

*Based on venue dressing service, there will also be an additional charge for delivery and collection. (Prices will vary according to the date & location of the venue, and timeframes for set up / dismantling.) Please contact us for more information.

Drapes with Light Effects prices start from £220.00 on a hire basis*

These ensemble’s can also be used to further enhance your event colour scheme – mirroring the colourful details used within the room and showing an almost shy, glimpse of lighting, or a vivid lighting hue; whichever you prefer, our draping with lighting effects, will be sure to add a touch of atmosphere to your event setting!

Available in various sizes and colour ways.

Photo 1 – Classic white “Heavenly” drape background with added colour to the head table area. Beautiful drapes with head table and cake table “swag” detailing, that can be used with lighting to great effect.

Photo 2 – “Extra Bright Light Curtain” photo shows our “over drapes” with added “Fairylight Flicker” light curtain effect. A simply beautiful way to create a fabulous background and with the minimum of fuss; perfect for a wide variety of occassions. Also available in white.

Photo 2 – “Over Drapes” Bespoke Curtain Drapes – Made specifically to suit your event requirements, these wonderful “Over Drapes” are the perfect cure to covering badly behaved curtains or backgrounds. Available in white or ivory as standard, these lovely decorations can also be provided in various other colours to suit your requirements.

Photo 3 – Our fabulous “Ivory Starlight” background drape, are a first-class way to make-over, your venue. The delicate array of lighting within the drape details, help to create a magical atmosphere, and a fabulous background to your event. When the sun goes down, this drape decoration, will come into it’s own! Lit with a dazzling array of fairy light details; creating an effect that will send your heart strings a fluttering!

Photo 4 and Photo 5- Create a touch of colour to your already lovely drape background; with our coloured up light effects. Teamed with our “Fairy light flicker” drape background as shown in photo 5, and our “Fairy light white” curtain, these lovely drapes with “swag” top detailing, these added light effects are a great way to personalize your space; with an elegant play on colour and style.

Photo 6 – Shown without the added “swag” effect detailing to the top part of the drape; and lighting, this is a great way to frame a head table; to set aside a stage, or simply to create an contemporary setting, that creates a lit infusion of understated elegance.

Photo 7 – “Fairy Light Curtain” if you are looking for a vivid light effect, that will create a big impression, our “Fairy light white” curtain will bring the house down. Teamed with our plain white drapes, with coloured uplights, this photo shows how even the most corporate of areas, can be turned into a late night vision!

Photo 8 and 9 – When colour is just not enough, then why not ask us about our fabulous light effects. A sure fire way of creating a fun filled event setting that can work with the most adventurous of room settings!

Photo 10, 11 and 12 – Big on style, high on depth, our wonderful colouful drape effects, are a particularly great way to create your very own dream event setting. Can be teamed with existing light fixtures, ceiling drapes, fairy light effects and architectural elements; to great effect.

*Based on venue dressing service, there will also be an additional charge for delivery and collection. (Prices will vary according to the date & location of the venue, and timeframes for set up / dismantling.) Please contact us for more information.

Drapes and Draped Background prices start from £320.00 on a hire basis*

Our wide range of drape backgrounds includes many different version that are sure to work well with your event setting. Choose from our fabulous luxurious gold drapes, through to our high on elegance ivory sheer draping effects. Which ever you prefer our drapes and draped backgrounds will be sure to transform your venue. Draping to suit your requirements; fitted on site; high on style and rich in detail, a sure set winner to create the right background to get your party started!

Photo 1 – Beautiful “Central” drape background with just the right amount of detail to the central area; this exclusive drape background is the perfect way to create a fabulous feature into your head table, or to your room setting.

Photo 2 – “Stamford” if your event is calling for that extra bit of glamour, then our first class “Stamford” drape background could be just the ticket! Set with black and white draping and an added touch of light effects, this glorious room background will certainly set the scene for that extra special gala, or red carpet event.

Photo 3 – “Classic Grecian” Drape background- this awesome drape background proves to be a fabulous design; that will work with a wide variety of event settings. Versatile and yet dressed to the nines, this elegant drape background, can also be used in conjunction with our white gathered drapes, to create a continuous draped area, around the room to provide a cost effect room setting for the entire room.

Photo 4 – Sequin Drape Background – Available with Gold or Silver sequin detailing. Create a night to remember with this fabulous sparkly number!

Photo 5 – Drape with Colour Detail – Add some colour into your world with our classic background draping and coloured drape detail. Available on a bespoke basis – simply ask us for more details.

Photo 6 – Decadent; with just a hint of show business; our crescendo drape effects, are a wonderful way to showcase your event. Available in silver or gold, these fabulous drapes set a background to be remembered; and an evening never to forget!!

*Based on venue dressing service, there will also be an additional charge for delivery and collection. (Prices will vary according to the date & location of the venue, and timeframes for set up / dismantling.) Please contact us for more information.

Ceiling Panel Drapes prices start from £600.00 on a hire basis*

These lavish ceiling panel drapes are certainly a striking feature! A great way to to adorn almost all occasions, turning an ordinary room setting, into one of luxury and wealth of detail.

What could be more impressive and striking than waves of spectacularly lit fairy-light ceiling drapes? Another magnificent way to create an impressive event setting and a night to remember!

Available in a range of sizes and made on a bespoke basis. Please let us know the dimensions, and / or a photo, or a link to the venue; to be able to provide a quote.

Photo 1 – Lantern ceiling lighting available with coloured or white lanterns in varying sizes. A great way to create atmosphere in your room setting.

Photo 2, 3 and 4- Ceiling panel drapes, create a luxurious effect that will satisfy even the most insatiable guest! Can also be teamed with lighting to added effect.

Photo 5 – Luxurious diagonal effect drapes with lighting effect. A lovely addition to your event setting that will really soften the mood.

Photo 6 – Make a statement with these curved swag effect drapes with under lighting. Turn your room into a gallery with these understated ceiling drapes with touches of fairy light details.

Photo 7 – Simple and elegant, longer length ceiling draping with light detailing. Simply stunning, this kind of ceiling and wall draping, designed to create a touch of sheer unadulterated luxury.

Photo 8 – Ribbon canopy draping, create a touch of colour and add some floral delights, with these lovely colourful ceiling drapes; also available in a vertical design.

Photo 9 and 10 – Ceiling canopy draping, atmospheric and simply delightful. Ceiling canopies can be used to set the scene. Can also be set up with wall drapes to create an added feeling of magic and wonder!

To enable us to gauge the room setting; please send us a link or photos of the venue; in order request further information.

*Based on venue dressing service, there will also be an additional charge for delivery and collection. (Prices will vary according to the date & location of the venue, and timeframes for set up / dismantling.) Please contact us for more information.

More examples

Various drape backgrounds

Ivory “Fairy Light” Background Drape

Our fabulous “Ivory Fairy Light” background drapes, are a first-class way to make-over, your venue. The delicate array of lighting within the drape details, help to create a magical atmosphere, and a fabulous background to your event.

A fabulous way to ensure that your event is everything you have always dreamed of!

When the sun goes down, this drape decoration, will come into it’s own! Lit with a dazzling array of fairy light details ( as shown on the photo above ); creating an effect that will send your heart strings a fluttering!

White “Fairy light” Background Drape with Scalloped Detail

Beautiful gathered lit drapes, are a sophisticated way to dress, your venue. The top-curved detail adds to the elegant look, creating a setting, that will really stand out!

These wonderful drapes can also be teamed with our plain white gathered drapes, to ensure a complete draped effect around the room. Please contact us for more information.

Our refined fairy light background drape is perfect for any venue, no matter how big or small. Made up on site in a range of sizes to suit your requirements – please contact us for more information.

Extra Bright Fairy Light Background Drape

A wall of glistening, sparkling lights make up this incandescent fairy light background drape. A perfect way to create an atmosphere, and to bring a romantic touch to your event setting.

Available in a white or golden white and in a range of sizes to suit your requirements.

Black Starlight Drape Background

Our black starlight background drape carries with it the astral beauty of the night sky. The black drape really emits a transcendental feeling of being amongst the stars, whilst having your feet firmly on “Terra Firma”. Making our “Black Starlight” background drape, a fantastic background, for almost all types of celebrations.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit your venue requirements.

Wedding drapes

“Central” Detail Draped Background

If you are looking for a fabulous drape background, then look no more!! Our fabulous central detail draped backdrop will truly make your event special. An exclusive item, that will ensure your event is one not to forget!

Rich in detail and full of luxurious accents – this beautiful drape background can also be teamed with lighting to create an exceptional background, for your celebration!

“Fairy light” Column Arrangements

A great way to add some light and atmosphere into your room. Our wonderful fairy light columns are available in various sizes and in our traditional golden light or bright white colour.

“Stamford” Classic Background Drape

Creating not just a means to cover over, areas of disinterest, but also providing an archetypal venue setting, for that elusive event setting. Our wonderful “Stamford” drape backgrounds, with it’s rich accents and detailing, will be sure to enlist that black tie feeling, throughout!

Made with a generous amount of sophistication, this wonderful drape background, will work wonderfully with additional lighting accents.

White Drape with Fabric Detailing

A adoringly simple way to create maximum effect within your room setting. Our white drape backgrounds with fabric detailing, can be used to cover a multitude of sins or can just be used as a fabulous background.

Available in various sizes.

drape decorations event hire

“Central” Drape Background with Lighting

This awesome drape background will really add a touch of brilliance to your setting. Available with various colour lighting effects this fabulous drape, will really set the scene.

Can be used in conjunction with other drapes to ensure complete room dressing.

Curved “Heavenly” White Background Drape

These flowing, heavenly drapes, complete with angelic detailing, will give your venue a distinctly elegant appearance. Setting the scene behind your head table, or used to create a certain ambiance, this beautiful drape background will also work well with lighting, to create a personalized, appearance.

An exclusive So..Lets Party!! designer item that will be sure to create a space to remember!

Draped Background with various details

If you are looking for something a little different, why not ask us about some of our bespoke draping solutions? Available in various styles and to suit your theme or colourscheme, we are sure to have something that will create your own personal paradise!!

“Heavenly Dual” Background Drapes

Basking in heavenly charm and swamped with rich volumous delight, our “Heavenly Dual” drape backgrounds, will not as much cover up, but set the scene! This wonderful exclusive drape classic, is nothing short of ethereal!

Created to work with various types of lighting, this beautiful drape background, will lift your heart!

backgrounds and drapes hire

White “Fairylight” Background Drape with Scalloped detail and White Fairy Lights

This lovely fairy light drape background has a fabulous curved detail at the top of the drape and has an array of scintillating “bright white” fairy light, detailing.

Can be provided in various sizes to suit your event requirements.

White Drape with coloured “Under” detail and Fairylights

The height of extravagance, this set of decorations goes all-out, to make your event momentous. With fairy light and coloured drape detailing, you can cover your event in style!

Choose from a variety of sizes and colour accents.

Bright Twinkle Light Background Drape with Coloured Light Accents and Scalloped Detailing

Create a view to be proud of. Our lovely “Twinkle light” white drape background, can be made up to suit a wide range of sizes. The perfect way to cover all or part of a wall. Teamed with extra special scalloped detailing and colourful accents, this wonderful drape background, is a sight to behold!!

Various colour lights and sizes available.

Lantern Ceiling Lighting Decoration

Our ceiling lantern decorations are available in a range of colours and sizes, making them the perfect decoration for your event. Providing light and creating an enchanting atmosphere, with this decoration you really can’t go wrong.

Complete with lantern detailing, which includes celestial white globes of varying sizes, create a casual yet impressive atmosphere, one that can’t fail to impress your guests! Also available with a range of giant coloured lanterns details – subject to availability.

Room Drape Backgrounds

Our soft white drape backgrounds will really set the scene and provide a room setting that is comfortable and luxurious.

The perfect way to create a rich setting or to transform, a dull or tired venue, into one that you can be proud off! Available in two heights. Contact us with dimensions to provide a complete quote.

White “Fairy light” Background Drape

Beautiful gathered lit drapes, are a sophisticated way to dress, your venue. Teamed with our plain white gathered drapes, this lovely room decorations, can be set up to ensure a complete draped effect around the room. Allowing you to create the perfect background to your event, whatever the venue!

Available in two different heights, and varying sizes to suit your room dimensions. Please contact us for more information.

Room Draping – Drape Backgrounds

Create a lovely atmospheric room setting with our white gathered drapes. Transform your hall, church, corporate room or even school dining room or gymnasium with our luxurious white drapes. Then add an area of lighting accents, to create an ambiance all of your own!

Can also be set with coloured lighting, or fairy light accents, to complement and personalize your venue setting!

Various Items:

  • Fairy Light Head Table DecorationFairy Light Head Table Decoration Our fairy light decoration is sure to make your head or cake tables a real feature – Prices will depend upon your table size, so please specify the head or cake table size beforehand, so we can provide a more specific quote.
  • Heavily draped background drape“Heavenly” Draped Luxurious Background Drape Decorations Our rich, “Heavenly” draped background is the epitome of luxury. Simply divine and guaranteed to add a real touch of glamour.
  • wedding aisle runner decorationWedding Aisle Runner Nothing can beat our Luxurious Pure Wool Wedding Aisle Runner, a must for any ceremony. Match it with our fabric petal detailed Pew Aisle Swags, for a winning combination.
  • Crysta Head Table centrepiece decorationsCrystal feather Head Table Centrepiece Our exclusive “Crystal feather” table centrepiece truly deserves a place on the best table in the house! Delicate white feathers and entwined crystal accents, are sure to become the perfect accompaniment, to the most revered table in the house!
  • Large Diamante AccessoryDiamante Accessory Our Large Diamante Accessory sparkles with delight in any setting. Place these large crystal encrusted starbursts on extra special chairs and even on your head or cake table, decorative accents.
  • extra bright fairy light backgroundExtra Bright Fairy Light Background Drape Want your venue to truly shine? Then choose our extra bright starlight drape. This backdrop is richly covered with fairy lights, creating a real focal point for your venue.
  • Nouvea Crystal Detail DecorationNouvea Two or Three Tiered Crystal Detail Decoration Three is never a crowd with our vintage inspired nouveau crystal decoration. The glass holders hang from a curved silver stand, complete with crystal drop detailing. Also available as a two tiered decoration.
  • Floral Head Table DecorationFloral Head Table Decoration Our Fresh and Faux Floral Inspired Head Table Arrangement is a head table classic. Created using a mixture of White fresh seasonal flowers and our “Better-than-Real” detailing; you can be assured it will be a great addition to your big day.
  • floor standing crystal tree decorationFloor Standing Crystal Tree Decoration Nothing could be classier in a venue than our floor standing crystal tree decoration. Heavily draped with garlands of crystals, the large natural & ivory Angled or Straight branches sit within a large round vase.
  •  Large Floor Standing Crystal Tree DecorationBeautiful Floor Standing Crystal Tree Decoration Especially good as a entrance decoration or as a focal point beside your head table, our pretty floor standing, crystal tree decorations have a generous amount of fairy light detailing. Optional lighting also available.
  • Fairy Light CanopyFairy Light Canopy Cover your venue in fairy light style! Beautiful atmospheric lighting abound, this decoration will provide your event with a magical touch! Made on a bespoke basis. Venue photos / links will be required to provide a quote.
  • Diamante Chair Cover AccessoryDiamante Chair Cover Accessory Add a bit of glitz and glamour to your chair covers with these gorgeous little diamante details. They make a perfect accessory for your sash detail and will make any event look extra special.
  • Colourful Lighting GarlandsColourful Lighting Garlands Available in a range of colours, these fabulous lighting decorations, can be used either in conjunction with drapes or on their own, to create an atmospheric lighting detail to your event setting.
  • Coloured Light DecorationsColoured Light Decorations A great way to create extra colour into your venue setting and a must for many events – our coloured lighting is available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Require More Information

If you would like further information, please use the floating quote form, or contact us directly, with your requirements, so that we can check availability, and provide a full quote.

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