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Table Decorations – Light Inspired

Colourful Light Table Decoration Centrepieces

Table Decorations – Light Inspired

Need a way to add light without sacrificing style? Our light-inspired decorations are the perfect solution. From delicate fairy-lighting to bright neon centrepieces; we have an eclectic array of items to suit your event setting.

These decorations are an ideal way to add a more dynamic feel to your event, and will allow your venue to come alive, with colour and radiance. Take a look below to see how well these decorations work, in a variety of different settings!

white luxurious lit table decoration centrepieces

“White Luxurious” Lit Table Decorations

Looking for a decoration to create an extravagant impression? Our luxurious white table decoration will do just that. With soft feather accents and a sleek, wide brimmed vase, this exclusive item is sure to turn heads!!

Available as either a 50cm or 60cm h decoration but can also be alternated to create added effect.

Myriad of Crystals Crystal Tree Table Decoration

Natural “Myriad of Crystals” Table Centrepiece

Real, natural branches, twinkling fairy light detailing, soft feather touches: our “Myriad of Crystals” centrepiece has all this and more, making it one of our most luxurious decorations.

This naturally tall table decoration, has a huge amount of crystal detailing, and shimmering details, from top to bottom!

oasis coloured Table Decoration centrepieces

“Oasis” Coloured Lighting Decorations

Our Oasis centrepiece consists of a electrifying swirl of blue, red or white lighting contained within a spotless bubble vase. Bursting with shocks of colour, this is the ideal decoration to bring energy and style to your guests’ tables!

A great way to create an ecclectic feeling all it’s own – a certain way to create that “wowser” factor!

Orchid Light Table Centrepiece

Shocking Pink Floral Inspired Low Table Decoration

Our Shocking Pink table decoration is one that truly lives up to its name! With flashes of pink and intricate floral detailing, this is a decoration that is perfect, for a whole range of different events.

Also available in our cool white version, this stunning light inspired table decoration, will be certain to set a transclucent glow to your event setting!

Feather Martini Vase Table Decoration

Martini Vase Feather – Coloured Lit Table Decoration

Our martini vase decorations, internally lit and topped with vibrant feathers in your choice of colours, are outstanding at creating a sophisticated atmosphere. Set within our 50cm h vase, these wonderful exclusive centrepieces, can also be alternated with our 60cm version – to create an extra dimension of charm!

Available in various colours, that include red, purple, black, white, orange, turquoise and “punky” pink!

Mirror Ball Lit Table Centrepiece

Mirror Ball Lit Table Centrepiece

Our mirror ball decorations, available with golden, pink, white or blue light detailing, make electrifying centrepieces. Topped with a glittering mirror ball, they look perfect in a darkened room; where their enchanting lighting accents will create an illuminating and colourful glow.

Another of our exclusive table centrepices, that will be sure to create, a magical setting.

New Orleans Coloured Lit Table Decoration

New Orleans Coloured Lit Table Decoration

With twisting, colourful rays of light, available in a choice of blue, white or red; this picture perfect decoration, will be sure to eminate an incandescent glow to your tables. Our luxurious “New Orleans” table centrepiece is another of our exclusive items.

A great way to create a magnetic charm, to your guests’ dining tables, and to stamp a little bit of personality onto your event setting!

Pier Colourful Lit Centrepiece Table Decoration

“Pier” Coloured Lit Table Decoration

Our “Pier” table decoration consists of a column of coloured lighting in the centre of a sleek bubble vase. Abundant with eccletic exhuberance, this colourful and electric centrepiece is guaranteed, to create a big impression!

Available with blue, white or red lighting accents to ensure a range of colourful delights!

colourful vivd centrepiece Table Decoration

“Vivid” Colourful Table Decoration

Our “Vivid” table decorations are available in an array of colours, from clear to green, red to yellow, all available with a choice of inner lighting, to create that extra special atmosphere.

Can be provided within a 50cm h or 60cm h version for added flexibility.

Bilbao Colouful Lit Table Centrepiece

“Bilbao” Colourful Lit Table Centrepiece

Our Bilbao Centrepiece is filled with crystals and twisting, entwining lights in a range of vibrant colours. Contained in a large bubble vase, this piece contains both inner and outer lighting, topped with a mirror ball; creating a bright, luminous essence. This fantastic decoration is a sure fire way to create added depth to your table setting.

This wonderful and exclusive table centrepiece, will work well with many of our other colourful themed items, to create a special “glow” to your event setting!

Ellouise Table Centrepiece

“Ellouise” Table Centrepiece

Bursting with soft white feathers and filled with cascading accents and colourful highlights, our “Ellouise” table centrepiece is an exceptional decoration that will be certain to catch the eye of your guests. Available in range of colourful details, this exclusive decoration, can be made to suit your event setting.

Add one of our bevelled edge mirrors, and some optional lighting to ensure a beguiling, magical touch!

Silver Studded Colouful Table Decoration

“Silver Studded” Coloured Light Table Decoration

A strikingly unusual piece; our exclusive Silver Studded table decoration, available with lighting in various colours, is sure to be the perfect piece, for those who want something a little more unusual.

Complete within this spherical vase setting – this contemporary table decoration is sure to set the scene!

Crystal Trees Wedding Table Decoration

“Dual” Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Ornate, extravagant and glowing: our Dual ostrich feather decoration combines twin soft ostrich feathers and luminous inner lighting, to create a perfect decoration perfect for birthdays, parties, weddings, corporate events – to name but a few!

Available in a choice of colours, this sophisticated centrepiece includes a generous amount of lighting, to ensure a spherical touch to your table surrounding.

Various Items:

  • Lantern Lighting Ceiling DecorationsLantern Lighting Ceiling Decorations Our ceiling lantern lighting decorations are a unique and distinctive way to add light to your venue. Perfect for weddings, birthday parties and corporate events!
  • Extra Bright Lighting Drape DecorationExtra Bright Lighting Drape Decoration Our “Extra Bright” lighting drape decoration is the perfect way to highlight your head or cake tables, creating a magnificent glow and a truly magnificent, atmosphere!
  • Table Scatter DecorationTable Scatter Decoration Need to add a magical sparkle to your table, but worried about costs? Our table scatters are the perfect solution. Available in various colours, including silver, black, purple, blue, turquoise,red and clear.
  • colourful lighting decorationsColoured Lighting Decorations Colourful beams of lighting, are a great way to create an effervescent atmosphere, to your colour themed event setting!
    • small lighting decorationSmall Lighting Decoration This small perforated lighting decoration combines intricate detailing and is available in a choice of either wax, or LED lighting, to create a outstandingly elegant decorative accessory.
    • Fairy Light CanopyFairy Light Canopy Generous swathes of fabric, lined with delicate fairy lighting; a flawless way to add light and elegance to your venue. Perfect for making sure your venue is decorated from ceiling to floor in style!
    • colourful lighting decorationsColoured lighting Accents Add some multi coloured lighting accents to your event and turn the ordinary into the extra unordinary!
    • colourful flame lighting entrance decorationsColourful flame lighting decorations Add a detail all your own with these fabulous flame coloured lighting decorations. Rich in colour and a fabulous way to add some special dimensional charm to your venue.

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