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Table Decorations – Floral Inspired

Floral Inspired Table Centreieces and Table Decorations

Table Decorations – Floral Inspired

Bursting with colourful indulgence and efflorescent details, our sublime fresh exclusive floral bouquets, and inspired “Better-than-Real” floral mastepieces; are a joy to behold! Whether a birthday party, wedding or corporate event, our floral decorations will be certain to add rapture and enchantment, whilst exceeding your guests’ expectations!

Whether you choose fresh flowers, or our “Better-than-Real” floral displays; our high quality decorations, are sure to be perfect for your extra special event. Take a look below to see some of the items we have to offer.

Ivory Calla Floral Inspired Table Centrepiece

Ivory Calla Floral Table Centrepiece

A superb example of our lovely “Better-than-Real” faux flowers. Rich, creamy ivories, vibrant greens and delicate lilies, combine to create our Ivory Calla centrepiece; a decoration guaranteed to create a big impression! The perfect centerpiece to fill your tables with floral decadence and excitement!

Placed within our tall vase setting, this inspirational and exclusive centrepiece, is a sure to be winner!

Rose and Pearl Floral Inspired Table Decoration

“Rose Pearl” Ivory Floral Inspired Table Centrepiece

Full of cascading accents, crystal detailing and pearly floral adornments, our exclusive “Rose Pearl” centrepiece is filled with a cacophony of flickering candles, organic twists and vintage detailing. These distinctive and exclusive “better-than-real” decorations, are all set to be, the perfect accompaniment for your event!

Sprinkled with “flicker” candles and romantic accents, this wonderful centrepiece, emulates joy and floral romance!

Rose vase Centrepiece Table Decoration

“Antique Rose” Floral Inspired Table Decoration

Our vintage-inspired fresh floral, “Antique” rose decoration is an effortlessly beautiful centrepiece, that will work perfectly, no matter where it is placed! A natural floral ambience that will sure to bring colour and vitality to your venue!

A fresh floral classic centrepiece, that will speak volumes and exude traditional hues, of days gone past!

Floral Table Centrepiece Decorations

Calla Lily Bubble Vase Floral Table Centrepiece

Twisting, entwining calla lilies whirl inside a sleek bubble vase, creating a refreshing and graceful centrepiece that will add a unique and minimalistic touch, to your table and venue setting. A classic centrepiece that includes our “Better-than-Real” faux floral details.

A low setting table decoration; high on quality, and the epitome of understated style! Also available with fresh flowers.</>

english country garden table decoration

English Country Garden Table Centrepiece

Bursting with colour and luxurious charm, this exclusive centrepiece comes complete with our “Better-than-Real”, faux flower detailing. Inspired by real English country gardens, this is the ideal decoration to bring a unique enchantment, to your event setting.

Clustered within our large tall vase, this elegant and gracious centrepiece, is a sure way to delight your guests!!

Bubble vase floral inspired table decoration

Bubble Vase Ivory Topiary Floral Table Centrepiece

Our Ivory Topiary Bubble Vase Decoration, complete with rich, pearly petals, will make a heavenly addition to your table setting. Held in a spotless, sleek bubble vase, and with our “Better-than-Real” floral detailing, this decoration is guaranteed, to impress your guests.

A great way to bring a contemporary fusion of floral accents to your guests’ table!

domed ivory topiary table decoration centrepiece

“Domed” Ivory Topiary Floral Table Centrepiece

Our stunning “Better-than-Real” domed floral centrepiece’s are ideal, as they are less imposing. Creating a decoration that works well, for cake tables, buffet and head tables. An excellent way to make your head table stand out!

A beautiful romantic inspired table decoration, that is sure to bring a lovely delicate floral touch, to your table setting!

Ivory Topiary Floral Table Centrepiece Decoration

Ivory Topiary Martini Vase Table Decoration

Need an elegant and refined centrepiece that exudes charm? Perhaps our Ivory topiary martini vase centrepiece is the decoration for you? Rich ivory “Better-than-Real” floral detailing, set within a sleek martini vase setting: a match made in heaven.

Set within our 50cm h tall setting, this lovely decoration can also provided in our 60cm h setting!

Inspired Floral Table Decoration Centrepiece

“Inspired” Floral Table Decoration

A truly unique piece, our “Inspired” table decoration combines elegant “Better-than-Real” floral detailing and floating candles to create a decoration that really stands out. An irreplaceable decoration, the perfect addition, to your event!

Available as part of a “Trio” of decorations, this wonderful table centrepiece, can also be set up individually.

Floral Candelabra Inspired Table Centrepiece Decoration

“Floral Candelabra” Table Centrepiece

Intricate floral detailing and classically inspired forms, are the inspiration behind this idealistic, inspired centrepiece. Adorned with rich floral accents and delicate crystal drop detailing, with our “Better-than-Real” floral touches, this decoration is sure to create a sensual and effervescent impact!

No matter what your celebration, this centrepiece will help to make it one, you will never forget!

Yasmin Floral inpired Table Centrepiece Decoration

“Yasmin” Floral Table Centrepiece

Ornate, stylish and elegant, our “Yasmin” table centrepiece overflows with luxurious ivory detailing using our “Better-than-Real” floral delights! A sublime decoration that will transform your tables and create a magnificent decadent atmosphere!

This lovely delicate centrepice, full of floral hightlights, will be sure to create an ambiance of it’s own!!

Ivory Floral Inspired Table Candleablra Centrepiece Decoration

“White & Ivory ” Candelabra Tall Table Centrepiece

A unique twist on our regular candelabra centrepieces, our tall white and ivory centrepieces, come complete with our “Better-than-Real” floral touches and crystal detailing. An item radiating luxury, an ideal decoration for your celebration.

Choose from either white or ivory real wax tapered candles, for a decadence, all it’s own!</>

Chantilly Table Centrepiece Table Decoration

“Chantilly” Floral Table Centrepiece

Bring the warmth, colour and energy of summertime to your celebrations, with our “Chantilly” martini vase centrepiece. With soft shades of pink and crystal detailing, and abundant choice of colours. This ich depth of wonderfully exclusive “Chantilly” centrepiece, is sure to pull at your heart strings!

With our “Better-than-Real” floral touches, these wonderful decorations, have a charisma all of their own!!

Podium dovecage Table Decoration

“Podium” Floral Dovecage Table Centrepiece

Adorned with pink and ivory floral detailing and embellished with silky ribbon detailing, our exclusive “Podium” dovecage centrepiece, is truly unique. A dreamy and blissful addition to your guests’ tables.

Filled with either real wax or our “flicker” candle details, or even abundant with butterfly detailing, these fabulous decorations are a great way to add delight!

Rosie Floral Inspired Table Decoration Centrepiece

“Rose Feather” Tall Table Centrepiece

A divine fusion of delicate floral accents and soft ivory detailing, our exclusive “Rose Feather” table centrepiece’s, will transform your venue, with elegance and style. With shimmering crystal detailing, this is lovely decoration, really has it all.

Add some lighting to this centrepiece, to highlight and invigorate!!

Spring Floral Table Centrepiece

“Spring” Floral Table Centrepiece

With floral details like these, you can be forgiven for dreaming, of a “Floral Jardin”! Basking in sunshine and with soft, colourful details , these wonderful exclusive “Better-than-Real” centrepieces, capture a beguiling vision of springtime, quite unlike no other!

Available in choice of 50cm or 60cm h settings!

Scarlett Floral Candelabra Table Centrepiece Wedding Decor

“Scarlett Creme” Floral Table Centrepiece

A combination of deep reds and creamy ivories, this charming centrepiece is the perfect addition, to your event. Housed within a sleek martini vase, and using “Better-than-Real” accents, this centrepiece is guaranteed to add a magical touch to your venue.

Available as both a 50cm and a 60cm h decoration.

Ravishing Floral Candelabra Table Centrepiece Wedding Decor

“Ravishing” Deep Red Topiary Table Centrepiece

Bursting with deep red “Better-than-Real” floral detailing and draped with entwining crystal accents, these lovely table centrepieces will truly, take your breath away. Truly unique, this lovely exclusive item, will enthrall your guests!

Add a bevelled edge mirror, and votive tea light accessories, to bring a heightened sense of atmosphere!

Red Topiary vase Table Decoration  Centrepiece

“Scarlett” Martini Vase Floral Table Centrepiece

An arrangement of rich deep reds, set within a classic vase setting; our “Scarlett” martini vase decoration is sure to create a sumptuous atmosphere, regardless of your event. Bringing colour and energy to your venue, and with our luxurious “Better-than-Real” detailing, you really can’t go wrong with this sensational centrepiece.

Available in either a 50cm or 60cm version- this lovely centrepiece can be alternated, or can be used in either height setting.

Red topiary Bubble vase Table Centrepieces Decorations

“Bubble Vase Red Topiary” Table Centrepiece

Contained within a sleek bubble vase, this “Better-than-Real” centrepiece explodes with rich floral detailing, creating a distinctly extravagant impression, and a truly luxurious table centrepiece!

A great way to create a stylish impression, this lovely low vase table decoration, will be sure to work well in a multitude of settings!

Various Items:

  • Large Diamante AccessoryDiamante Accessory Encased with shimmering diamantes, this sparkling accessory is sure to create an extra glimmer, to your venue setting. Placed on extra special chairs, or head tables, these wonderful details are sure to add a touch of magic.
  • Table ScattersTable Scatters Scatter these on any table and watch it come to life with colour. Our table scatters are available in multiple colours, which you can also mix and match.
  • floor standing crystal tree decorationBevelled Edge Decoration Our bevelled edge mirror decorations can be added to any of our centrepieces to reflect their natural beauty!
  • Luxurious Background DrapesCentral Mirror Detail Our central mirror detail will work perfectly on your head table- to reflect and enhance your chosen decorations!

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