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Table Decorations – Crystal Inspired

Crystal Inspired Table Centrepieces and Table Decorations

Table Decorations – Crystal Inspired

Full of glamour, sparkle and lots of glitz; our crystal inspired table centrepieces are ever so simply; stunning. Lift your imagination, and allow yourself to shimmer with delight; our crystal inspired table decorations are surely an extra special addition to your table setting.

Set with wonderous detailing, our crystal inspired table decorations, are some of our most exquisite centrepieces. Rich in detail and full of luxurious design accents, these wonderful table centrepieces, will ensure that your tables are dressed to perfection!


Crystal Sphere Table Centrepiece

Contemporary, sophisticated and an absolute delight. Our Crystal Sphere table decorations can be teamed with either LED lights, or if you prefer, flicker LED lights, to create a vibrant atmospheric presence. A sure to be utterly fabulous addition; to your venue and celebration!

Tall and luxurious – these sensuous crystal inspired table decorations – are a must!

Crystal Trees Wedding Table Decoration

White “Myriad of Crystals” Table Decoration

Sparkling, effervescent; a positive crystal dream; our glorious and exclusive “Myriad of Crystals” table decorations, are sure to create a big impression. Sporting an array of crystal detailing, and standing tall and proud, these wonderful exclusive table centrepieces are sure to make your event – stand out from the crowd!!

Why not add a little touch of lighting to highlight these wonderful table centrepieces; the perfect way to light up your evening!

Natural Crystal Tree Table Centrepiece

“Shayler” Natural Crystal Table Centrepiece

Cool, elegant and full of sublime details, our “Shayler” natural crystal, table decoration is sure to turn heads! This picture perfect centrepiece is another exclusive item, that will be sure to light up your evening!.

Ecclectic and Ecentric this fascinating table decorations, has internal lighting, that will be sure to set your heart a flutter! Additional, optional lighting, also available.

White Vivid Martini Vase Table Decoration

White “Vivid” Martini Vase Table Decoration

Contemporary and ever so simple, our “Vivid” table decorations, are nevertheless, a vibrant and shimmering addition; to your table setting. Effervescent and incandescent, our White “Vivid” Martini Vase Centrepiece, is a beautiful, and minimalistic way to add light to your guests’ tables.

Additional lighting also available, which in turn will create a mix of lighting, to suit your extra special event setting!

White Martini Vase Feather Table Decoration

White Martini Vase Feather Table Decoration

Clear crystal accents, shrouded with fabulous feathery details, this elegant centrepiece is a sure fire way to capture your guests imagination. An exclusive, delicate and yet “Vivid” table decoration, this wonderful luminous table centrepiece will is high on texture and full of delight.

Available in a choice of three sizes, these contemporary decorations, are also available with an additional lighting.

Eva Crystal Table Decoration

“Eva” Crystal Inspired Table Decoration

Overflowing with gorgeous, shimmering crystals, our “Eva” table decoration will definitely, impress your guests. With white ribbon accents and clear cut crystalline detailing; from the top to the bottom, this is one table decoration that is sure to shimmer!

Available in our standard 50cm h or 60cm h vase – and with the option of additional lighting.

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