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Black & White Ball

Black and White themed event dressing venue decor


Sleek, sophisticated, stylish: we have all you need for a perfect black and white ball! Whether it’s feathered and bejeweled centrepieces or stunning candelabras, our fantastic range of themed decorations, will be certain to make your event special, right down to the last detail!

Black & White Theme

All the items featured on this page are available to mix and match, so you can select the perfect decorations for your event, whilst maintaining a harmonious elegant setting.

Our Black & White Themed Package Can Include Any of The Following items:

  • Entrance Decorations
  • Themed Props
  • Lighting
  • Starcloth
  • Effect Lighting
  • Various Black & White Themed Table Centrepieces
  • Draping
  • Chair Covers
  • Venue Dressing – Delivery and Collection
To enable us to provide a more specific quote, please let us know the total amount of guests you’d need to cater for and also your venue location and date of event.


We have included below just a few example “Black & White” Themed Table Centrepieces below:

Vivid Table Centrepiece - Table Decoration

White “Vivid” Table Decoration

Our radiant white Vivid table decoration will create a lavish impression! With internal lighting, they are a sure fire way of adding a little extra touch of light, to your guests’ tables. Elegant, contemporary and brilliant white, a great table centrepiece suitable for your “Black and White” ball.

A great way to add an extra bit of interest into your event is to alternate the height of the table decorations. Available in our standard 50cm H or 60cm H vase.

Martini Vase Feather Table Centrepiece

Martini Feather Table Centrepiece

Available with black or white feathers, our “Martini Vase Feather” decoration is the perfect addition to your table setting. With velvet-smooth feathers and an effervescent white light inside the glass, this centrepiece will add finesse and vivacity, to your table centre.

Includes an internal light detail – optional base lighting also available.

Martini Vase Crystal Table Decoration

“Martini Vase Crystal” Table Decoration

Adorned with volumes of luxurious crystal detailing, this stylish and graceful table centrepiece, provides both the ying and the yang of table styling. Another phenomenal,exclusive decoration, that will definitely shine!

A great way to add some extra bling to your venue setting!Why not team with a bevelled edge mirror and table scatters for a look of pure indulgence!

Decadent Black Ostrich  Feather Table Decoration

Black “Decadent” Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

With astral fairy light detailing, these wondrous ostrich feather decorations can add a fantastic flair to your event. Available with luxurious ostrich feathers, and dotted with contrasting detail and golden white fairy lighting, these exclusive table decorations are definitley a centrepice to remember!

Our “Decadent” table centrepices have a lovely internal fairy light detail, but are also available with optional base lighting, if you are looking to create an added touch of luminescence.

Ivory Decadent Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

Ivory “Decadent” Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

An angelic counterpart to our black ostrich feather decoration, with soft white accents, and fairy light detailing; this particular centrepiece, is just simply adorable! Another of our exclusive items, that will be sure to add that special touch!

Optional lighting also available. Why not try our bevelled edge mirror and table scatters, for another way of creating drama, and depth of style, into you fabulous table setting.

Crème Amore Table Centrepiece Decoration

“Crème Amore” Table Centrepiece

Ornate cascading accents, extravagant feathers, striking floral touches: Our “Crème Amore” centrepiece will enthrall your guests! Distinct and majestic, this piece will stand elegantly, atop any table. Another of our exclusive table decorations that will allow your guests to feel just divine!

Choose from either our standard 50cm h vase or 60cm h version, to create an alternate, style.

Rose Pearl Table Decoration

“Creme” Table Centrepiece

Our opalescent “Creme” table centrepiece, with its twisting and tumbling accents, is certain to astonish your guests with pure delight! Luxurious, elegant, and full of ethereal delight, these are just another of our exclusive decorations, that will stand out from the crowd!!.

Tall and outstanding, this table centrepiece, can be set with our optional bevelled edge mirror detailing and lighting, to make even more of a statement!

Black and White Table Centrepiece

Black & White Candelabra Table Centrepiece

Sumptuous delicate feather accents, interwoven with soft ivory and white vintage detailing. Our Black and White Candelabra, is really an all out favourite! Atmospheric candle light detailing, and a opulence of floral highlights, makes this one centrepeice that will be destined to win hearts! Another of our exclusive items!

Includes real wax tapered candles – available in white or ivory.

Luxurious White Feather Table Decoration

Black & White Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

With silky black and white ostrich feathers, this centrpiece is the embodiment of your black and white ball. Teeming with the finest ostrich feathers, and standing tall and proud, your event might not be complete without it!!

A simple and elegant table decoration that can be used in conjunction with optional base lighting and accessories to create a table like no other!.

Black Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Black Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Our wonderful Ostrich Feather Decorations are one of our most popular decorations, and for good reason; they look magnificent!! All encompassing, and really; a statement piece, these centrepieces create a luxurious and decadent atmosphere, perfect for a black and white ball.

Also available with optional base lighting and if required, can also be personalized with number/ letter diamante accessories to the centre of the vase.

Luxurious Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Luxurious Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Our Luxurious ostrich feather decorations truly live up to their name! Bursting with a selection of our finest ostrich feathers, accented with crystal detailing, this piece is guaranteed to create a big impression! A classic centrepiece with an added twist of pure opulence!

Optional inner and base lighting, can also be used to create these wonderful decorations, into a league of their own!

“Paris” Luxurious Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Our exceptional “Paris” Ostrich feather table centrepiece, can be mixed and matched, to work with your Black and White Ball setting. Set with luxurious feather detailing, these magnificient table decorations are the perfect table accessory.

Optional lighting can also be used to highlight the decorations and to amaze and delight their audience!!

Various Items:

  • White Chair Covers with Sash detailChair Cover with Sash Decoration A design staple – whether you are looking for black or white chair covers – we have it covered! Teamed with either a black or white chair cover sash to either contrast or accentuate.
  • Lantern Lighting Ceiling DecorationsLantern Lighting Ceiling Decorations Add a touch of light to your event. Fabulous lantern ceiling decorations will certainly create an atmospheric dimension to your “Black and White” themed event.
  • Extra Bright Fairy Light Background Drape“Extra Bright” Fairy Light Background Drape Fairy Lights abound – Create an atmosphere in which your guests will thrive and your party will delight. Our wonderful “Extra Bright” Fairy light background will sparkle your way to the good times!
  • Nouvea Crystal Detail DecorationNouvea Two or Three Tiered Crystal Detail Decoration With a choice of two or three tiers, our vintage-inspired Nouvea decoration, complete with crystal drop detailing, is a beautifully ornate addition to your event.
  • Light Detail DecorationLight Detail Decoration For a more subtle lighting effect, use our smaller light detailing. These can be placed within any of our centrepieces to add some sparkle to your table.
  • Fairy Light CanopyFairy Light Canopy Light up your venue in opulent style with our magnificent fairy light canopy. With luxuriant waves of fairy light detailing, this will transform your venue into a shimmering palace.
  • Diamante Chair Cover AccessoryDiamante Chair Cover Accessory Add some glamour to your chair covers with these delicate diamante details. They are a perfect accessory for your sash detailing.
  •  Large Floor Standing Crystal Tree DecorationBeautiful Floor Standing Crystal Tree Decorations Especially good as an entrance decoration or for creating a degree of opulence with the venue setting, our extra large angled floor standing crystal tree decoration, is the perfect choice for creating a sumptuous “Black and White” themed setting. Optional lighting also available.
  • Chair Covers Black Chair Covers What better way than to create the right background for your event. Team black or white chair covers and sash detailing, with black and white table linen to really, hit the right mark!
  • small white light LED Perforated Tea Light Decoration A unique and ornate way to light up your venue, our perforated tea light decorations are intricately designed for maximum impact. This decoration comes available with either LED or real wax tea lights.
  • Large Floor Standing Crystal Tree DecorationCrystal Tree Decoration Beautifully Draped with sparkling crystals, and with distinctive natural and ivory branches, our crystal tree decoration is a flawless addition to your venue. Available with or without lighting, our floor standing crystal tree is another, exclusive item.
  • colourful lighting decorationsCeiling Drapes Create some additional atmosphere with our fabulous draped accessories. A great way to add a little bit of drama into your venue. Also available with additional fairy light accents.
  • Crysta Low Table centrepieceCrysta Low Table Centrepiece Our “Crysta” head table centrepiece truly deserves a place on the best table in the house! With weaving crystal accents and delicate feathers, this is certainly an optimal centrepiece for any event.
  • floor standing crystal tree decorationFloor Standing Crystal Tree Decoration Nothing could be classier in a venue than our floor standing crystal tree decoration. Heavily draped with ribbons of crystals, the large natural & ivory Angled or Straight branches sit within a large round planter.
  • Large Diamante AccessoryDiamante Accessory Our incomparable large diamante accessory is perfectly suited to any setting. Place these large crystal-encrusted starbursts on extra special places within your event setting.

Require More Information?

If you would like us to provide a quote based on alternative decorations within the collection, would like to add accessories to the booking. Have a higher number of guests, or different location, please use the floating quote form, or contact us directly, with your requirements, so that we can check availability, and provide further information.

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