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Children’s Birthday Decor

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Celebrate your birthday in style; choose from bright and colourful balloon decorations, novelty themed cardboard cut outs, lighting, table decorations, balloon sculptures, backgrounds and props. Whether its a first birthday, sweet 16th; or any time in between, our themed and branded children’s birthday party decorations, will be sure to set that perfect party feeling!

Children Birthday Parties

Our decorations can be provided on a DIY service, in which you are welcome to collect and return, the items from our showroom. Or if you prefer we can also provide the decorations on a venue dressing service, in which we will dress the items on site. Which ever service you prefer – our quirky and fun range of items, will be sure to get that party started!!

Our Children’s Birthday Party Items Include:

  • Entrance Decorations
  • Themed Props
  • Lighting
  • Coloured Background Drapes
  • Effect Lighting
  • Various Children’s Birthday Party Centrepieces
  • Draping
  • Venue Dressing – Delivery and Collection
To enable us to provide a more specific quote, please let us know the total amount of guests you’d need to cater for and also your venue location and date of event.


We have included below just a few example “Children’s Birthday Party” table centrepieces below:

cardboard cut outs birthday party photo

Please use the quote form for further information on the decoration, to get a quote, or to book the items as part of a package.

balloon bouquet example photo

“Three” Balloon Bouquet Table Centrepiece

Fun, fun fun, our “Three” balloon bouquets will certainly add that party feeling, available in a choice of colours, and finished with high quality latex balloons, ribbons, helium and a box weight decoration; these floor or table height decorations, will create just the right amount of colour filled fun!

Available in wide range of colours to suit either a floor or table height setting.

Balloon bouquet table decoration

“Three” Foil and Latex Balloon Bouquet Table Decorations

Our latex and foil balloon bouquets, can be used as table, or floor height decorations. Shiny foil and colourful latex balloons, are put together to provide an eye catching look. As the foil balloons should last longer than one day, they can even be given, as souvenir!!

Both our latex and foil balloons are available in wide range of colours, and the foil balloons are available, in either a circle, heart or star shape.

Vivid Lit Table Decoration

“Vivid” Colourful Table Centrepiece Decoration

Simple, and contemporary, our white “Vivid” table centrepiece, is available in a range of colours that include, red, yellow, blue, green, pink, white and purple. Set within a tall glass vase setting, this could be the perfect table decoration, for your grown up children’s, tables or family setting.

Available in wide range of colours, and with added optional lighting, in either a 50cm h or 60cm h glass vase setting.

Coloured lighting table decoration photo

“Oasis” Lit Table Decoration

Set your own little scene – our “Oasis” table centrpiece will put your children’s birthday party, into a world of it’s own. Just another of our exclusive table decorations, with swirling, colourful lights and intriguing textured detailing, all tied together with sublime colouful light accents, this is truly one magnificent centrepiece!

A fabulous table decoration available in blue, white or orange, colour settings. Contained within a glass vase this table decoration, is a great piece, that will work well within your family or grown up child’s, table settings.

Feather coloured Table Centrepiece

“Martini Vase Feather” Table Centrepiece

Fabulous colouful feathery love, tied together with vivid white lighting, this is another exclusive centrepiece that will tick all, the boxes. Available in a choice of red, turquoise, punky pink, white, red, black and purple, this is a table decoration that provides, great value for money and a perfect way to create a great overall impact.

Set within a glass 50cm h glass vase also available in a taller 60 cm h setting.

Vivid Table Centrepiece

“Vivid” Pink Table Centrepiece

Shown in pink and set within our extra large cocktail vase, our “Vivid” table decoration, will provide just the right amount of colourful accent, within your children s birthday setting. Available in a choice of colours, this larger than average, table decoration will look great for larger table settings, or alternated with our standard sized decorations, to create a varying height impact.

Available in wide range of colours and set within a clear glass vase setting in either a 50cm or 60cm h – this centrepiece will look great within your grown up child’s or family setting.

Orchid Light Coloured Floral Table Decoration

Shocking Pink Floral Inspired Low Table Decoration

Colourful, floral inspired, and emitting a bright and sensual depth of colour: our shocking pink floral inspired low table decoration, will create that special party feeling to your tables. Available in pink, white or purple, this is a unusual centrepiece, will be a fantastic addition to any table.

Available in either a pink, blue or white, this square glass vase centrepiece, will certainly create a extra special table setting – which will be perfect for your grown up child’s or family members table setting.

Podium Dovecage Table Decoration

“Podium” Dovecage Table Decoration

Our classic dovecage table decoration, set with floral detailing and delicate ribbon accents; this table decoration is sure to become the perfect partner, to your Children’s birthday party setting. Unusual and full of character, this is one centrepiece, that will be sure to delight!

Available in a variety of colour settings to suit your requirements

Various Items:

  • Triple Row Balloon arch“Triple Row” Spiral Balloon Arch Decoration Fantastic entrance decorations, to greet, separate or simply to captivate – Rows of spiral shaping, and available in a choice of colours, this is one design classic!!
  • Floating Topiary Balloon Decoration“Floating Topiary” Balloon Decoration Effortlessly floating, and available in a choice of colours, this is one balloon decoration, that will stand out form the crowd. Would look good as an entrance, corner or as element of detail within your room setting.
  • Novelty Jelly Birthday Light DecorationNovelty “Jelly” Birthday Light Decoration Full of fun, our novelty “Jelly” lighting decoration, will glow with anticipation!! Available in a choice of colours or as a multi colour rotating light decoration, making it a novelty item to behold.
  • Giant Foil Balloon Letters And NumbersGiant Foil Balloon Letters And Numbers Say it with number or letters, giant foil balloons that will personalize, and create a big impression!
  • extra bright fairy light backgroundExtra Bright Fairy Light Background Create a place dazzled with atmosphere and hightlighted in ambience. Place behind an important table, such as a cake or head table, or even the DJ, to illuminate your venue in a sea of light.
  • Balloon sculpturesMasquerade Balloon Sculptures If you are looking for something a little bit different, then why not allow us to create some balloon sculptures, to set the scene? Available in a wide range of designs, these are simply perfect, at creating a novelty themed setting.
  • Giant themed Foil Balloons And Latex Balloon Bouquet DecorationsFoil Balloons Letters And Latex Balloon Bouquet Decorations If you are celebrating a special birthday or want to say it with words, our giant balloon numbers and letters, are just a great way of saying it in style!! Why not complement these with some of our latex balloon bouquets? All of our balloons are available with weighted decorations to create a perfect floor / table height decoration, or without to tie, as you wish?
  • colourful lighting decorationsColoured Lighting Decorations Add a little bit of colour, to your children’s themed event, a fabulous way to team up themes, colours and atmospheric details, all in one fell swoop!!
  • colourful lighting decorationsColoured lighting Accents A great way to add a little bit more fun, choose from a range of colours and light configurations, to work well with your children’s party themed decorations!
  • Giant Game of noughts and crosses“Noughts and Crosses” A lovely way to add some fun for the younger ones – Noughts and Crosses please!
  • giant tower gameGiant Games Add some giant games to your event and let the party get started!! Various giant games to choose from that include, snakes and ladders, tower game, four in a row, pick up sticks, limbo, chess, skittles, noughts and crosses.
  • giant pick up sticks game“Pick Up” Stick Game A great game to create a little bit more fun within your children’s birthday party setting.
  • giant chess gameGiant Chess Game Get your game on – with our chess game. A great way to add some light entertainment to your venue setting!!
  • Triple Row Balloon Arch Decoration“Triple Row” Balloon Arch Decoration Colouful twists and turns of explosive fun!! Our “Triple Row” balloon arches are a fabulous way to create an entrance, or to frame your cake or buffet tables!
  • cardboard cut outs for themed partiesCardboard Cut Outs Decorations Available in a wide variety of themes and styles our cardboard cut outs, include entrance signs, silouhettes, themed characters, and “cut out” decorations.
  • Double Bubble Balloon Cake Decoration n“Double Bubble” Balloon Cake Decoration A great way to frame a cake table, or to create an entrance, our “double bubble” balloon decoration will certainly create the right impression! This item is also available in a myriad of colours, to suit most colour schemes!
  • Balloon CanopyBalloon Canopy If you are looking to create a dance floor in a large room, or perhaps to frame a buffet / cake table – or even in turning a plain room into a canopy of balloons- then this , then this could possibly be the perfect decoration?! As with all our balloons, they are available in multiple colours, mixed and matched to your preferences.
  • Cinderella Cardboard Cut Out“Cinderella” Cardboard Cut Out Choose from a range of themed cardboard cut outs – to help created that Themed party atmosphere.
  • Balloon decorations Giant Foil Balloon Decorations Why not choose one of our Giant Balloons to go with your latex balloon decorations? These are the perfect way to add a character to your children’s birthday setting. We have a great many available – so just ask!!
  • Balloon bouquet Decoration“Single row” Balloon Arch Decoration A great way to create a entrance, or to “frame” a buffet table, or cake table area. Simple, but no less effective, our single row balloon arch is a classic balloon decoration. Choose from multiple colours, to mix and match and create a balloon arch, that will suit your children’s party style.
  • balloon sculptures Balloon Sculptures If you are looking to create an extra special decoration for your event, why not choose one of our bespoke balloon sculptures? Available in a range of sizes, you can be sure, that these novelty wonders, will bring joy to your event setting.
  • giant tower gameGiant Games Why not create a children’s game area – add some giant games to your children’s party setting.
  • hopscotch gameHopscotch Game Let your kids have some fun, with this simple hopscotch game. Just one of the items in our range of games.
  • giant four in a row gameGiant Four in a Row Game Our giant four in a row game is just one of our many giant games that are great for adding a little corner of entertainment.
  • themed decorationsThemed Decorations.png Why not choose our themed decorations to transform you space? Teamed with contrasting decorations, these themed cardboard cutouts, will be a winning choice!
  • colourful flame lighting entrance decorationsColourful flame lighting decorations Create a touch of colour to your venue setting, with our fabulous flame lighting details! Great for entrances, or to create a bit of vibrant fun!!

Require More Information?

If you would like us to provide a quote based on alternative decorations within the collection, would like to add accessories to the booking. Have a higher number of guests, or different location, please use the floating quote form, or contact us directly, with your requirements, so that we can check availability, and provide further information.

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