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Fairground – Circus Themed Party

fairground themed party decorations


Our “Fairground Theme” is perfect for decorating an event that’s a little out of the ordinary! With colourful and vibrant details, and a huge array of larger prop items, this eccentrically themed extravaganza, will certainly create a vibe all of it’s own!!

Fairground Themed Events

For a theme that truly bursts with colour, and quirky details, this fabulously interchangeable fairground, circus theme has everything from coloured background decorations to flamboyant centerpieces, to create a wonderfully quirky effect. Look below to see some of the many, effervescent items, we have to offer!

Our Fairground Themed Items Include:

  • Entrance Decorations
  • Themed Props
  • Lighting
  • Coloured Background Drapes
  • Effect Lighting
  • Various Fairground Themed Table Centrepieces
  • Draping
  • Venue Dressing – Delivery and Collection
To enable us to provide a more specific quote, please let us know the total amount of guests you’d need to cater for and also your venue location and date of event.


We have included below just a few example Fairground Themed Table Centrepieces below:

Big Top Table Decoration

“Big Top” Table Decoration

Bursting with colour and energy, this exclusive “Big Top” decoration is a strange and eccentric piece, with odd items and surprises abundant. Perfect for any fairground themed party!

Full of coloured lighting details and just perfect for that Fairground theme – this table decoration will be sure to create just the right effect!

Dual Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

Ostrich Feather “Dual” Table Centrepiece

Boasting dual ostrich feathers, this decoration is a great focal point for your guests’ tables. Outstanding and full of character, this colourful table decoration, will add a slick touch of exuberance to your fairground theme. Available in a range of colours this, table decoration, will definitely enhance your guests tables.

Arranged with inner lighting, this is one table decoration that will be sure, to create an exceptional statement!

“Fun Filled” Colourful Centrepiece Table Decoration

Our vibrant and psychedelic “Fun Filled” centrepiece is the ideal decoration for any bright and wondrous party! Adding a wonderous depth of colour and bringing memories of fun filled afternoons, this is just another of our exclusive table decorations, that is all set to create the right impression!

This decoration is available with internal lighting, and if required can also be teamed with coloured room lighting to illuminate, your venue setting.

Martini Table Centrepiecer

“Martini Vase Feather Dual “Colourful Table Centrepiece

With internal coloured lighting, and available in punky pink, red, turquoise, white, black, orange, and purple, you have a massive variety to choose from. Though, no matter which colour you choose, you can be sure that the highest care and attention to detail.

Available with internal lighting this can also be teamed with additional lighting, and can be provided within our 50cm h or 60cm h version.

Candelabra table decoration centrepiece

“Grand Pewter” Crystal Candelabra Table Decoration

Our glorious shining “Grand Pewter” is a premier candelabra table centrepiece. Multiple candles adorn this decoration, giving it a luminescent glow that will be sure to light up your table! Creating a mystical ambiance that will evoke feelings of wonder and delight, this theatrically inspired centrepiece, will be sure to work well with our our various accessories.

Decorated with crystal details, and teamed with ivory and white candles, this magical table centerpiece, will create a traditional understatement to your “Fairground Themed” event!

colourful table decoration

“Vivid” Coloured Table Centrepiece

Available in colours including black, white, red, pink, yellow, blue, green and purple, this centrepiece, brimming with colourful detailing, will simply and effectively add flashes of brilliance to your table. Available in various colours inc white, black, purple, pink, yellow, red, blue or green.

Available with internal coloured lighting, this centrepiece can also be teamed with an optional additional lighting, to create an added zest!

Luxurious Ostrich Feather Table Decoration centrepiece

Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

Delicately beautiful, our ostrich feather table centrepieces look perfect, no matter what your event theme is. Available in black and ivory, these decorations come encased in a tall vase, topped with magnificent ostrich feathers, creating a piece that is sure to stand out. Crystal details create the finishing touch – that will just about create that “Big Top / Showgirl” feeling that will be sure to add just the right amount of showtime to your event setting!

Finished off with subtle crystalline details, and available with optional lighting to create a outstanding, statement piece.

Large Diamante Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Large Diamante Ostrich Feather Table Centrpiece with Diamante Detail

With extra diamante detailing, our luxurious ostrich feather decoration, complete in a sleek, spotless vase, will add that extra bit of extravagance to your event! Available in various colours to create a seamless venue setting, this extra large table decoration is sure to create that larger than life impact!

A larger than average table decoration, that is packed with colourful details and an extra sprinkling of bling for good measure, this table decoration has a following of its own!!

Various Items:

  • Coloured Lighting Sphere DecorationColoured Lighting Sphere Decoration By adding these lighting spheres, you can expertly add light as well as colour to your fairground themed party. By choosing from our range of colours, you can add different shades of colours, creating incandescent rays of light to illuminate your party. Available in a variety of colours, these will definitely create that big top / fairground effect.
  • Coloured decorative backgroundsColoured Mad Backgrounds With various coloured and designed backgrounds, we have all the colour you’d need for a fairground themed party. Psychedelic patterns adorn these exclusive backgrounds, creating pieces as unique as they are colourful.
  • Coloured draped background drapeColoured Ribbon Background Drape With various coloured and designed backgrounds, we have all the colour you’d need for a fairground themed party. Psychedelic patterns adorn these exclusive backgrounds, creating pieces as unique as they are colourful.
  • coloured lighting decorationsColoured Uplight Decorations We have various types of lighting available, which are perfect for lighting up a stage, or can be placed in different areas, to add flashes of coloured light accents.
  • Balloon Sculpture DecorationsBalloon Sculpture Decorations Our colourful and fun filled balloon sculptures are a fantastic addition to a fairground themed party. Available in a range of different shapes and colours, you are sure to find the perfect balloon sculpture, for your fairground themed event!
  • Pick up the Sticks Game Decoration“Pick Up” Stick Game A great way to get some game into your event!! Pick up the sticks.
  • giant childrens gameHopscotch Game Let your kids have some fun, with this simple hopscotch game. Just one of the items in our range of games.
  • giant four in a row gameGiant Four in a Row Game Our giant four in a row game is just one of our many giant games that are great for adding a little corner of entertainment into your venue setting.
  • flame light coloured lighting decorationsColoured Flame Lighting Decorations Add a little flame lighting to your event, with our colourful vibrant flame lights. The perfect way to create an entrance, or to add a little extra dimension of fun!
  • Coloured Lighting DecorationColoured Lighting Decoration A fabulous multi colour experience – our long tall coloured lighting decorations will be sure to get you a rocking n rolling to that fairground beat!!
  • Coloured Ribbon Ceiling Canopy DecorationColoured Ribbon Floral Ceiling Canopy Decoration Need to add colour to your event? You can’t go wrong with our dazzling ribbon ceiling canopy. Adding swathes of brightness, your event will never be short of colour!
  •  Candy Floss Popcorn DecorationCandy Floss – Popcorn Cart A fairground classic, this cart is exceptional at generating an authentic fairground atmosphere. Whether you choose to use popcorn or candy floss to fill the cart, you can be certain that your guests will flock to it!
  • Fairy Light CanopyFairy Light Canopy Want to decorate your venue with lights all a twinkling? Our fairy light canopies will provide an atmosphere – that will be set to impress!
  • Table ScattersTable Scatter Decorations Table scatters are the ideal way to add colour and sparkle to your table for very little money. Available in an array of colours, which you can mix-and-match if you choose.
  • tea light decorationsTea Light Decorations Our patterned paper tea lights will add a delicate flair to your event. With various designs available, you will have plenty to choose from, to make sure your event is exactly the way you want it.
  • coloured lighting decorationsColoured Lighting Decoration Create the big impression that your guests expect! Coloured lighting will certainly go along way to create that fairground party style!
  • tower game giant childrens gameGiant Games Add some giant games to your event and let the party get started!! We have various games that include, a giant snakes and ladder game, jenga, four in a row, pick up sticks, limbo game, chess, skittles, and noughts and crosses.
  • games and party decorations“Noughts and Crosses” A lovely way to add some fun for the younger ones – Noughts and Crosses please!
  • Coloured lantern lighting decorationsColoured Lantern Lighting Decoration By choosing our coloured lantern lighting you will be receiving high-quality lighting and decoration in a unique package.

Require More Information?

If you would like us to provide a quote based on alternative decorations within the collection, would like to add accessories to the booking. Have a higher number of guests, or different location, please use the floating quote form, or contact us directly, with your requirements, so that we can check availability, and provide further information.

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