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Hero’s Themed Events

Hero's themed event decorations


With an array of colourful and vivid decorations, our “Hero’s” themed event decorations will provide your event with an array of features to help you create a colourful and fun-filled atmosphere. This collection has been designed to include our most vibrant and flamboyant pieces, making it ideal for those looking for decorations, that are a little out of the ordinary.

Hero’s Themed Events

With shimmering neons in an array of colours, vibrant balloons and characteristic themed props, this wonderful “Hero’s” themed decorations, will be sure to transform your venue. All items can be mixed and matched, so take a look below to see all the items included in our “Hero Themed” collection.

Our Hero’s Themed Items Include:

  • Entrance Decorations
  • Themed Props
  • Lighting
  • Colourful Drape Backgrounds
  • Effect Lighting
  • Various Hero’s Themed Table Centrepieces
  • Draping
  • Venue Dressing – Delivery and Collection
To enable us to provide a more specific quote, please let us know the total amount of guests you’d need to cater for and also your venue location and date of event.


We have included below just a few example “Hero’s” themed table centrepieces below:

“Three” Foil and Latex Balloon Bouquet Table Decoration

Our balloon bouquets, with a combination of both foil and latex balloons in an array of colours, are a perfect table centrpiece, for your “Hero’s” themed event. Choose the perfect colours to suit your scheme, and let these vibrant decorations fill your room with colour.

Both our foil an latex balloons are available in a variety of colours and the foil balloons are available in a choice of heart, round, or star foil balloons (which can even be given away as a souvenir as they should last a few days longer than latex balloons).

Latex Balloon Bouquet

“Three” Latex Balloon Bouquet Table Decoration

An inexpensive way to add colour and style to your “Hero’s” themed event. Our “three” Latex Balloon bouquets, are the perfect choice as a table decoration and will even work well as a simple floor standing decoration.

A great way to add a splash of colour to brighten up your venue. Available in a myriad of colours, to add that extra touch of party exuberance, to your “Hero’s” themed setting!

Mirror Ball Lit Table Centrepiece

Mirror Ball Lit Table Centrepiece

Our “Mirror Ball” decorations, available with golden, pink, white or blue light detailing, make electrifying centrepieces. Topped with a glittering mirror ball, this piece looks perfect in a darkened room, where it can be used to bathe a table in its colourful glow.

A fantastic exclusive table centrepiece, that although set within a tall glass vase, will be sure to work well with you grown up children’s or family table setting.

New Orleans Coloured Lit Table Decoration

New Orleans Coloured Lit Table Decoration

With twisting, colourful lighting in your choice of blue, white or red, this piece is perfect at adding an incandescent glow to your tables. Our luxurious “New Orleans” table centrepiece is another of our exclusive items.

Twisting and full of electrifying vitality, this super table centrepiece, is also available in red, blue or white colourings and due to the glass vase – will work especially well with your older kid’s table settings.

Vivid Colourful Table Decoration

“Vivid” Coloured Lit Table Decoration

Available in various colours, our “Vivid” table decorations, are the complete package. Perfected within our clear glass martini vase and providing a unique and fun-filled decoration, this colourful centrepiece, will add a certain radiance to your older child’s table settings.

Set with internal lighting, why not add an extra dimension, with our additional, optional base lighting, to create an added zest!

Black Luxurious Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Black Luxurious Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Need a centrepiece that can create an extravagant impression? Our luxurious “Black Ostrich Feather” table decoration will do just that. With delicate, high-quality ostrich feathers and a sleek vase, shimmering crystal rows, this is a piece certain to add a sense of luxury to your table.

Create an extra special touch, with our optional base lighting; to help portray an archetypal statuesque table decoration, perfect for your “Hero’s” themed event.

Bilbao Colouful Lit Table Centrepiece

“Bilbao” Colourful Lit Table Centrepiece

Our “Bilbao” table centrepiece is filled with crystals and twisting, entwining lights, in a range of vibrant colours. Contained in a large bubble vase, this piece contains both inner and outer lighting, topped with a mirror ball, creating a bright, luminous decoration, which looks fantastic in a darkened room setting.

Available in blue, red or white, this is definitely one of our wondrous, exclusive items.
Ellouise Table Decoration Centrepiece

“Ellouise” Table Centrepiece

Bursting with soft white feathers and filled with cascading accents and colourful highlights, our “Ellouise” table centrepiece is a decoration certain to catch the eye of your guests. An ideal way to add an enchanting touch to your grown up child’s (or adults) table settings!

Available with special lighting details, this truly original exclusive decoration will be certain to be something that your guests will love!

Silver Studded Colouful Table Decoration

“Silver Studded” Coloured Light Table Decoration

A strikingly unusual piece, our exclusive “Silver Studded” table decoration will be sure to stand out from the crowd! Set within a glass vase setting this is a perfect decoration for older child’s table setting, or for an adult’s table setting. Available with lighting in blue, white or red hues, this is a great table decoration, for those who are looking for something a little more unusual.

A truly “Out of this World” table decoration, that has it’s feet firmly placed, in our “Hero’s” themed event setting!

Dual Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

“Dual” Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

With “Dual” ostrich feathers and internal lighting, this fabulous, contemporary table centrepiece, set within a glass vase setting; will certainly turn heads, and work well with our our fabulous “Hero’s” themed event settings.

Available in black, off white, red, blue or gold feather details, with lighting to make this spell binding, original, perfect for your grown up, table settings!

Decadent Black Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

“Decadent” Black Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

Truly decadent, our “Black Ostrich Feather” table centrepiece, will create a statuesque table setting perfect for your “Hero’s” themed events. Set within a sleek and vivacious tall glass vase setting, and with an array of delicate black plumage, that will definitely create a magnificent focal point for your grown up table settings.

Elegant, classy, and with the option of an added lighting, this decoration is the epitome of luxury.

martini vase feather table centrepiece decoration

“Martini Vase Feather Dual” Coloured Lit Table Decoration

Our “Martini Vase Colourful Dual” table decorations, are internally lit, and topped with vibrant feathers to create a eclectic, centrepiece that is simply abound, with joyful exuberance! Internally lit with colourful lighting this exclusive table decoration, set within a glass vase, is sure to be the perfect table centre for your grown up child’s, or family table setting.

Available in a choice of colours that include, red, turquoise, orange, purple, punky pink, black and white, making this the perfect table decoration, to fit in with your “Hero’s” themed event.

Various Items:

  • White Chair Covers and SashWhite Chair Covers and Sash One of the best ways to create that special ambiance for your “Hero’s” themed event. Our wonderful black or white, chair covers, can be teamed with colourful sash details, to create the right kind of mood.
  • Lantern Lighting Ceiling DecorationsLantern Lighting Ceiling Decorations Create a special lighting effect with added atmosphere, a great way to create a casual atmosphere, for that ecclectic, party atmosphere! Made to fit on a bespoke basis.
  • Extra Bright Lighting Drape Decoration“Extra Bright” Lighting Drape Decoration Our exclusive “Extra Bright” lighting background is certain to be the perfect accompaniment to your “Hero’s” themed event. Emitting a sparkling lighting hue and creating a buzzy atmosphere – this will be the perfect ticket!
  • Flame lighting colourful decorationsFlame Lighting Colourful Decorations Add a touch of flaming delight to your “Hero’s” themed event. Available in a choice of colours, to enhance your colour scheme. A perfect entrance decoration or a great way to create an added spot of vitality!
  • Table Scatter DecorationTable Scatter Decoration Need to add a magical sparkle to your table, our table scatters are the perfect solution. Available in various colours, that can even be mixed to suit your requiements.
  • Children's party games and decorations“Pick Up” Stick Game A great way to create an added dimension to your event. Go for some giant party games to create a little bit of extra fun!
  • giant games for partiesGiant Chess Game Get your game on – with our chess game. A great way to add some light entertainment to your “Hero’s” themed setting!!
  • Base Light AccessoryThemed Decorations.png Why not choose our themed decorations to transform you space? Teamed with contrasting decorations, these themed life size cardboard cutouts, will sure to be a winning choice for your “Hero’s” themed event!
  • Starlight Background drapeStarlight Background Drapes Let our Black starlight drape create that magical starry night effect. The perfect for background for your “Hero’s” themed event setting.
  • Black Chair CoversBlack Chair Cover and Sash Detail Cover up unsightly chairs and make your event sing in tune! Chair covers are the best way to create that party atmosphere!
  • small lighting decorationSmall Lighting Decoration Pinpoint and highlight your way through the evening – with our fabulous LED light accents, a great way to create that extra special dimension!
  •  Large Floor Standing Crystal Tree DecorationVibrant Colourful Lighting Springboard into another dimension, with our vibrant and colourful, lighting decorations. Create that out of the world experience, and let your hero’s be illuminated, with colour!
  • Giant party gamesGiant Games Add some giant games to your event! With lots to choose from – let the games begin!
  • Fairy Light CanopyFairy Light Canopy A fabulous way to create an “out of this world” experience, our sparkling shining fairy light canopy, will certainly make your event shine!
  • Party Giant gameGiant Four in a Row Game Our giant four in a row game is just one of our many giant games that are great for adding a little light entertainment!
  • Base Light AccessoryBalloon Arch Decoration Want to add a touch of colour to your event? Our fabulous “single row” balloon arches, are a great way to to create an entrance, or to create an added amount of drama to a stage, or buffet setting.
  • Base Light AccessoryBevelled Edge Decoration Enhance your super fantastic table centrepiece with our classic bevelled edge mirror. Create a “centre” to your table and put the emphasis on style!
  • themed balloon decorationsThemed Balloon Decorations Add some super “Hero’s” of all shapes and sizes!! Try our themed balloon decorations – a perfect way to add some personality and to create charisma for your super hero themed event!

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