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Outer Space Themed Event

Outer space themed event decorations and venue dressing


If you are looking for a party that is out of this world, then our “Outer Space” themed event decorations, are sure to be spot on!! Super lighting, crazy space men, and fabulous creatures for outer space, a great way to create that “Outer space” event setting!

Outer Space Theme

Contemporary lighting, super large cut outs, balloon detailing and space themed props, are just a few of the items, that are incorporated in our “Outer Space” themed event setting.

Our Outer Space Themed Items Include:

  • Entrance Decorations
  • Themed Props
  • Lighting
  • Starcloth
  • Effect Lighting
  • Various Outer Space Themed Table Centrepieces
  • Draping
  • Venue Dressing – Delivery and Collection
To enable us to provide a more specific quote, please let us know the total amount of guests you’d need to cater for and also your venue location and date of event.


Looking for some “Outer Space” table decorations to inspire your guests, then have a look below for just a few examples:

Colourful lighting Table Decorations centrpieces

Colourful “Alexa” Coloured Lit Table Decorations

Feel the unknown, tall circular and full of twists and turns, this highlighted table decoration, will be certain to turn heads. Our exclusive “Alexa” table decoration is a great way to create a efferesent impace and to divulge in a little fantasy!

Available in either a blue, red or white coloured lighting hues.

Silver studded colourful lighting Table Centrepiece

“Silver Studded” Coloured Lit Table Centrepiece

Intriguing silver studded detailing, and vivid bright lighting, are just a few accents surrounding this exclusive centrepiece. Inspirational, and out of the ordinary, this simply stunning table decoration, will scream out to your guests outer space urges!!

Beam me up Scotty !! Our “Silver Studded” table decoration, is available with a red, blue or white, colourful lighting accents to portray your inner view!

Mirror Ball Lighting Table Decoration

“Mirror Ball” Coloured Lit Table Decoration

Outer space meets disco with this tall table decoration that provides an insight to the unknown. Filled with soft detailing and available with pink, blue or white lighting, this table centrepiece is sure to be a winner! An exclusive table decoration that will be sure to hit all the right buttons!

Available in a range of colours that include warm white, neon blue and punky pink!

Vivid lighting centrepiece table decoration

“Vivid” Coloured Lit Table Decoration

Simply delicate and filled with crystal moments, this tall, crystal inspired fantasy, will create an elegant centre to your guests tables. Available in a variety of colours.

This “Vivid” table decoration, has the added option, of additional and optional base lighting, to ensure multiple dimensions!

Ostrich Feather Table centrepiece decorations

Luxurious Black Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Certainly out of the ordinary, our “Black Ostrich Feather Centrepiece” decoration will create an out of this world, feeling that could also be from another galaxy!

With the option of being lit from below with outer space type lighting, this table decoration will work wonderfully, with your “Outer Space” setting.

Colourful Lighting Table decoration centrepieces

“New Orleans” Coloured Lit Table Centrepiece

Sail off into the unknown with our super tall “New Orleans” table decoration. Tall and perfectly formed, this myriad of lighting highways, will allow you soul to soar to the abyss and beyond! Of course this is just another of our exclusive table decorations!

Choose from our blue, red or white lighting accents, to beam you up into another dimension!

coloured balloon centrepieces table decorations

Coloured Balloon Bouquet Table Decorations

Why not create a little lighting effect that will be certain to transform you into a parallel universe! Our simply colourful balloon decorations, with added lighting, are a sure fire way to create a scintillating array of indulgence. These wonderfully vivid balloons can be tamed into submission within our balloon bouquet settings, or can be adorned within the venue to create a setting all your own!

Choose from a wide range of colours to work into your “Outer Space” themed event setting!

Table Decoration Bilbao Centrepiece

“Bilbao” Coloured Lit Table Decoration

Landed from another stratosphere, our “Bilbao” table centrepiece’s, will add vivid colour, depth beyond reason, and a buoyancy, that will be hard to beat. Simply fantastic, these table decorations are a fabulous way to create that super incandescent, “Outer Space” setting./p>

Available in neon blue, white or really red, lighting details

colourful centrepieces with lighting table decorations

“Autumn” Coloured Lit Table Centrepiece

Naturally lustrous, this tall and proud table decoration, can be provided in a variety of colours. Surrounded with spritual swirls and colourful lighting, this exclusive centrepiece, will make you “Outer Space” event, a ga ga.

Available in a series of lighting and colours, that will enable you to work perfectly, with your “Outer Space” event setting!

colourful feather lighting decoration table centrepiece

“Martini Vase Feather ” Colourful Lit Table Centrepiece

Our “Martini Vase Feather” colourful table centrepiece, is a wonderful decoration, that will emit just the right amount of exuberance to work with your “Outer Space” theme. Internally lit, and available in a variety of colours, these exclusive items, will make sure your event, stands out from the crowd!

Set with an internal white light – take this into the next realm with additional lighting, to create that extra special fx’s!

lighting decorations table centrepiece

“Pier” Coloured Lit Table Centrepiece

Our inspirational “Pier” table decorations, are a force to be reckoned with!! Available in a choice of colours, these small and unusual table centrepiece, will add an extra something to your inner core!

Let this magical centrepiece shine in blue, white or red, to transform your guests table settings!

Various Items:

  • colourful lighting decorationsColoured lighting Accents Slip into the unknown with our multi coloured lighting accents. A great way to create added drama within your venue setting, and to turn the ordinary, into the extra un-ordinary!
  • Table ScattersGiant Chess Game Get your chess game on! A great way to add some tactical entertainment to your “Outer Space” themed event setting!!
  • colourful flame lighting entrance decorationsColourful flame lighting decorations Step into a new world of the unknown with our flame coloured lighting decorations. Suitably rich in colour and vivacious detailing, these fantastic decorations, are sure to add that extra touch of Outer space” drama.
  • extra bright lighting background drape“Extra Bright” Lighting Background Drape Drape yourself in pure atmospheric pleasure, this simply stunning lighting backgrounds, are a sure way to enlist atmmospheric character, into your “Outer Space” themed event!
  • Childrens Party game decorationsGiant Four in a Row Game Our giant four in a row game is just one of our many giant games that are great for adults and children, creating an abyss of quiet entertainment, into your party setting!
  • Coloured lantern lighting DecorationsColoured Lantern Lighting Decoration A great way to create a colourful atmosphere into your event setting. Available in a choice of colours, these fabulous decorations are a great way to add extra exuberance into your themed setting. (Venue Permission Required)
  • Themed Cardboard Cutout DecorationsOuter Space Cardboard Cut Outs Show off your “Outer space” themed party for all to see – Life size characters abound. Get your outer world freak on!!
  • games for parties and decoration“Noughts and Crosses” Zero’s and Noughts – far out!! A great way to communicate in binary, within your “Outer Space” setting!
  • colourful lighting decorationsColoured Lighting Decorations Beam me up Scotty! Colourful beams of lighting to create that effervescent atmosphere all bound for your “Outer space” themed event setting!
  • Games and DecorationsGiant Tower Game Add a little bit of light entertainment, with our various selections of decorative games, to your fun filled event!
  • Pick Up the Sticks game“Pick Up” Stick Game A great way to get everyone together – our pick up the sticks game, is just one of our giant games, which could work really well with your party setting!
  • Base Light AccessoryPerforated Light Accessories Add another dimension to your venue setting, with these wonderfully inerchangeable floor lighting decorations. Create a vivid lighting effect with our white LED lighting effects, or choose our “flicker” or tea light candles to create a more natural setting.

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