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Red Carpet Events

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A “Red Carpet Event” is quintessentially one of glamour and sophisticated elegance! With our wide range of ornate decorations, you can be certain, that this will be exactly what you will get!! Our “Red Carpet” collection is guaranteed to create a spectacular atmosphere. With everything you could wish for, from drapes to candelabras, chair covers to lighting decorations.

Red Carpet Theme

Our “Red Carpet” collection is guaranteed to create a spectacular atmosphere for your event setting. With everything you could wish for, our assortment of our finest-quality items is a perfect one-stop solution, to all your decoration needs.

Soft feathers, floral detailing, shining pewter candelabras: this collection really has it all. Each decoration has been chosen specifically to complement the other; so no matter what you choose, your finished look with be a perfect “Red Carpet” solution!

Our Red Carpet Themed Items Include:

  • Entrance Decorations
  • Themed Props
  • Lighting
  • Starcloth
  • Effect Lighting
  • Various Red Carpet Table Centrepieces
  • Draping
  • Venue Dressing – Delivery and Collection
To enable us to provide a more specific quote, please let us know the total amount of guests you’d need to cater for and also your venue location and date of event.


We have included below just a few example “Red Carpet” themed table centrepieces below:

“Dual” Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Elegant, glamorous and unique, our “Dual” ostrich feather decorations, is one of our most highly-regarded decorations. Housed in a sleek iconic vase setting and with additional lighting, this dual-feathered design is sure to make a grand impression!

Available in a variety of colours and accentuated with vivid lighting, this table centrepiece, is designed to turn heads!

candelabra table centrepiece and table decorations

“Grand Pewter Candelabra Decorations

Topped with crystal details our classic “Grand Pewter” candelabra is another of our design classics. Perfect for your spectacularly classic “Red Carpet” event!

Finished off with ivory or white tapered candles a great way to create that “Red Carpet” ambiance.

colourful table decorations

“Vivid” Coloured Light Table Decorations

Filled with coloured globes and incandescent tone, our “Vivid” Table Centrepiece is simple, but effective. Truly vivid, this decoration will add spectacular colour and an expressive contemporary undertone, to your table setting.

Also available in a myriad of colours, including red, purple, and white, this colourful table centrepiece, can be provided as a 50cm h or 60cm h setting. Also available with additional lighting if required, this flexible centrepiece, will be sure to work with most “Red Carpet” table settings!

crystal sphere table centrepiece event decorations

“Crystal Sphere” Light Table Decorations

Understated glamour, our crystal “sphere” table decoration, exudes detail and epitomises style. A true design classic that will produce a luminous effect across your table setting, producing a feeling of restrained elegance.

Available with either our “flicker” candle detail or LED light accent and can also be finished off with our wonderful bevelled edge mirror base and table scatter details.

Crystal Feather Martini Vase Feather Table Centrepiece

“Crystal Feather” Martini Vase Feather Table Centrepiece

Draped in swathes of shimmering crystals and topped with silky black feathers, this exclusive table decoration simply radiates decadence and glamour. Whether you choose to add optional lighting or not, your tables will not be complete without this opulent design classic!

Available with optional lighting to further highlight and emphasize.

Martini Vase Feather Table Centrepiece

“Martini Vase Feather” Table Centrepiece

Available in an array of colours, this centrepiece is guaranteed to suit your “Red Carpet” themed event. Whether you choose a fiery red, an icy white or a creamy ivory, vivid purple or sleeky black, you can be sure that our decorations are of the highest quality and are put together with care and style.

Available as a 50cm h decoration, it can also be provided as a 60cm h version with additional and optional, lighting.

“Floral Inspired” Candelabra Table Decoration

Our majestic “Floral Inspired” table decorations are sure to be a fabulous addition to your “Red Carpet” event setting. Blossoming with the finest “Better than Real” floral details, these fabulous table centrepieces, are sure to turn heads! These exclusive table decorations, are sure to bring about a heightened sophistication, to your event setting!

Finished with our “flickering” tea light candles, this classic decoration, is a soon to be classic.

Black and White Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece event decorations

Black and White Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

Another of our gorgeous exclusive centrepieces that are sure to create an allurying atmosphere within your “Red Carpet” setting. Our vintage inspired candelabras, with black feathers and delicate floral accents, are the ideal centrepiece for adding touches of grace and artfulness to your venue.

Finished with either white or ivory tapered candle details, this elegant table decoration is a great way to create a fabulous sense of style!

Large Diamate Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece decorative item

Large Diamate Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

This exquisitely fabulous table decoration, filled with glorious ostrich feathers, is one of our most luxurious centrepieces. Complete with our finest feather plumes, our “Large Diamante” ostrich feather decorations will definitely add a touch of glamour to your venue setting!

Available in various colours and with the addition of optional lighting.

Black Ostrich feather event decorations table centrepieces

Black “Decadent” Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

Elegant, majestic, and awe-inspiring: our “Decadent” ostrich feather decorations is nothing less than spectacular. Filled with rich detailing, fairy light accents, and delicate ostrich feathers, your guests will fall in love with their opulent charm.

Another of our exclusive table decorations – that can be teamed with optional lighting to create an added sense of drama!

Decadent Ostrich Feather table centrepiece decorations

“Decadent” Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

Similar to the black version, our beautiful and exclusive, “Ivory Decadent” ostrich feather centrepieces, are certain to create a sublime table setting. Set with plush detailing and sumptuous ostrich feathers, your guests will be delighted with, this out-standing centrepiece.

A great way to set the scene, this exclusive table centrepiece is sure to create, a charismatic alluring style of their own!

Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece event decorations

Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

Our ivory ostrich feather centrepiece is a sure fire way, to bring your tables to life, with elegance and style. Our ostrich feather centrepiece is a great way to create and to provide an awe inspiring atmosphere to live up to your “Red Carpet” setting.

To create even more drama, optional lighting can also be provided; along with diamante number or letter details, to highlight and personalize.

Various Items:

  • Black Starlight Background DrapeBlack Starlight Background Drape Loose yourselves amongst the stars. Our Black starlight background drape will create a fabulous atmosphere for your “Red Carpet” event.
  • Coloured UplightsColoured Uplights Bring some colour into your venue with our coloured uplights. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, these fabulous accessories are a great way to highlight your special event setting!
  • Extra Bright Lighting BackgroundExtra Bright Lighting Background Atmospheric and full of wonder, our “Extra Bright” fairy light background drapes, are sure to create a sparkling ambiance to your “Red Carpet” event. Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Table ScattersTable Scatters Add a touch of sparkle to your table – with our various coloured table scatters. Available in either clear, silver or various colours, which can even be mixed up, to suit your requirements.
  • Giant crystal inspired table decorationsGiant Crystal Inspired Table Scatters Why not add a few giant table crystals for your extra special party? Provide some additional “bling” with these fabulous extra large table scatters.
  • colourful flame lighting entrance decorationsColourful flame lighting decorations Add some vibrancy and drama to your venue setting – with these colourful flame light details. A great way to combine colourful lighting with an added hint of animated fun!
  • Napkin-ring-table-card-decorationNapkin Ring and Table Card Decoration Add a special touch to your table setting with our contemporary napkin holder, name card setting. A two for one design classic – that is oh so lovely!
  • Black Chair Cover DecorationsBlack chair covers Black chair covers are a fabulous way to create a “Red Carpet” Style. Teamed with contrasting or neutral sashes, our black or white chair covers, will certainly create a high end impression.
  • Small Lighting DecorationsSmall Lighting Decorations Create a special effect of your own with our simple lighting effect. A fabulous way to light up your evening!
  • Fairy Light CanopyFairy Light Canopy A great way to create atmosphere and bring about an extra special ambiance to your “Red Carpet” themed event. Made up on a bespoke basis, this beautiful fairy lighting decoration, will guarantee to create a memorable setting, for your event.
  • bevelled edge mirror decorationBevelled Edge Mirror Decoration Make sure your buffet, or awards table setting, has a style of it’s own. Its all in the detail, with this super long mirror decoration, which will be sure to set the right scene!
  • Bevelled edge mirror table decorationBevelled Edge Decorations.png Enhance your style, with our classic bevelled edge mirror. Create a “centre” to your table and put the emphasis on your guests attention to detail!
  • votive tea light table decorationsVotive Tealight Decorations Add a little bit of magic to your table setting? Our votive tealight candle decoration is the perfect small item that will be sure to go along way! Available in clear, silver, red or multi colours, this simple accessory teamed with either a tea light candle, LED or “flicker” light , will definitely add a little touch of ambience to your table setting!

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