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Urban Chic Events

urban chic venue dressing table decorations and event styling


A fabulous way to create a dynamic, vivacious setting, for your “Urban Chic” event. Bright, intense colours, and energetic detailing abound; our vibrant “Urban Chic” themed event is a great way to create an impact!

Urban Chic Theme

A great way to transform your venue setting into a haven of colour and to create an effervescent setting. This spirited collection is a great way to create a lively atmosphere, the perfect way to decorate your “Urban Chic” venue!

Our Urban Chic Themed Themed Items Include:

  • Entrance Decorations
  • Themed Props
  • Lighting
  • Starcloth or Coloured Drapes
  • Effect Lighting
  • Various Urban Chic Themed Table Centrepieces
  • Draping
  • Venue Dressing – Delivery and Collection
To enable us to provide a more specific quote, please let us know the total amount of guests you’d need to cater for and also your venue location and date of event.


We have included below just a few example “Urban Chic” themed table centrepieces below:

Vivid Colourful Lit Table Decoration

“Vivid” Colourful Lit Table Decoration

Available in red, orange, blue, pink, white, yellow, red, green or multicolour hues. Our glorious “Vivid” table decoration with internal lighting, will certainly illuminate your table, in a fabulously contemporary manner.

Available in our standard 50cm h version, we can also provide a taller 60cm h version, and can also provide optional lighting, to make this centrepiece, truly vivid!

Bilbao Colourful Lit Table Centrepiece

“Bilbao” Colourful Lit Table Centrepiece

Available with red, white or blue lighting, our “Bilbao” table centrepiece is truly one of a kind! A great way to create a flawless statement, within a darkened room, and a sure fire way to create an illuminating glow, that will light up your whole table!

A perfect mix of zest and style, this delightful sensuous exclusive table centrepiece, that will be sure to get your “Urban chic” party started!

New Orleans Lit Table Centrepiece event decorations

“New Orleans” Lit Table Centrepiece

Our “New Orleans” Centrepiece is guaranteed to astound your guests. Effervescent lighting in red, white or blue will allow you to choose the perfect tone, to match your resonant colour scheme. A truly one-of-a-kind piece that will create a magical atmosphere in any room.

A delightful exclusive centrepiece, full of spirited lighting details, all set within this ethereal and statuesque setting. Team with our bevelled edge mirror to emphasize and accentuate.

Orchid Light table centrepiece event decorations

“Shocking pink” Table Centrepiece

Do you want a centrepiece that exudes luxury whilst emitting a colourful hue? You can’t go wrong with our “Shocking Pink” orchid table decoration. A classic design that exudes luxury, this peppy centrepiece, will be sure to provide an air of contemporary elegance whilst emitting a shocking depth, of luminscent colour!

Also available in our white version to create a cool calm table setting.

Mirror Ball table centrepiece event decoration

“Mirror Ball” Table Centrepiece

A dazzling centrepiece, complete with a shimmering mirror ball, that is sure to form a celebratory atmosphere to your special event celebration. Finished with atmospheric light detailing in a warm white, blue and pink, this ethereal centrepiece, will be sure to live up to your “Urban Chic” themed setting.

Rich in detailing and providing an almost vintage juxtaposition in style, this exclusive centrepiece, is sure to set a precedent. Would also look great when teamed with our bevelled edge mirror setting to create an enhanced table setting.

Pier Colourful Lit Table Decoration

“Pier” Colourful Lit Table Decoration

With incandescent mood lighting and housed within out sleek bubble vase, this brilliant centrepiece will really add a touch of vitality to your guest’s tables. Another of our exclusive table decorations.

Available in blue, red or white lighting hue’s, to suit your colourful “Urban chic” setting.

Mirror Ball Table Centrepiece

“Mirror Ball” Table Centrepiece

Our “Mirror Ball” decoration, available with a choice of coloured light detailing, is an ideal centrepiece for our “Urban Chic” theme. Shown in pink – this decoration will work wonderfully with additional pink coloured lighting, to create an ambiance all your own!!

Our golden white “Mirror Ball” decoration, is also shown above, for alternative table setting.

Silver Studded Colouful Table Decoration

“Silver Studded” Coloured Light Table Decoration

A strikingly unusual piece, our exclusive “Silver Studded” table decoration, is available with lighting in various colours, to suit your “Urban Chic” event setting. The perfect piece for those who want something a little more unusual.

Available in blue, red or white coloured lighting, to create a superb centrepiece of resplendent delight!

Alexa Colourful Lit Table Decoration

“Alexa” Colourful Lit Table Decoration

One of our most extravagant designs, our “Alexa” table decoration is filled with crystal detailing, rich lighting and superb colour accents. This exclusive decoration that simply glistens with delight, can also be made to work with your red, blue or white “Urban Chic” setting.

Team with our bevelled edge mirror to emphasize and accentuate this statuesque table delight!

Various Items:

  • colourful lighting decorationsColoured lighting Accents Create an sublime “Urban Chic” experience, with our multi coloured lighting accents. Available in a choice of colours or lighting configurations. Turn the ordinary into the extra un-ordinary!
  • Colourful Lighting GarlandsColourful Lighting Garlands True to their name, our colourful lighting garlands are available in a range of vibrant colours and are perfect for creating an unusual, quirky, themed setting.
  • Coloured Light DecorationsColoured Lighting Available in a range of colours, our coloured lighting accents, are sure to add another dimension to your venue atmosphere.
  • Votive Light Accessory DecorationVotive Light Accessory Decoration A great way to add a little personality to your table setting, available in red, clear or silver, and set with a choice of LED lights or traditional tea light candles. These fabulous accessories are an ideal addition to your guests’ tables.
  • Black Chair Covers with Sash DetailBlack Chair Covers with Sash Detail Our black chair covers are an excellent way to create continuity within your venue. Sleek and sophisticated, with sashes available in an array of colours to suit your “Urban Chic” colour scheme.
  • extra bright fairy light backgroundExtra Bright Fairy Light Background A great way to create extra lighting , this decoration will be sure to create an ethereal sparkling backdrop, perfect for that “Urban Chic” background.
  • Floor Light DecorationFloor Light Decorations A great way to add understated detail. With a choice in LED or candle tea lighting, these decorations will be sure to make a charming addition, to your event.
  • Themed Background DecorationsThemed Background Decorations Create an unusual background for your themed event setting. Available in a choice of themes, shapes, sizes and colours, and set up on a bespoke basis. Making these a great accessory for your themed event.
  • Black Starlight Drape DecorationBlack Starlight Drape Decoration Transform your venue, with our stylish, backgrounds. Available in a range of medium’s these fabulous venue settings, are a great way to create a lustrous event setting!
  • LED Cube TableLED Cube Table Set the scene!! Distinctive and irreplaceable – colourful and versatile, these pieces, will stand out from the crowd.
  • Fairy Light CanopyFairy Light Canopy Canopies are an incomparable ceiling decoration, lighting up the ceiling of your venue like stars in the night sky, these style details will set a magical background, for your event.
  • Diamante Chair Cover AccessoryChair Cover – Diamante Accessory The perfect accessory for your “Urban Chic” event setting, our shimmering diamante details, are a sure set way to inject that touch of glamour, making the transition, from street style to glitz n style!
  • Light Detail DecorationLight Detail Decoration A great way to add detail and accentuate your venue style. Small but big on detail, these items, are sure to impress.
  • colourful flame lighting entrance decorationsColourful flame lighting decorations Add a certain amount of drama to your venue setting, with these simple flame details are a great way to create an entrance, or to show some vitality to your venue setting.

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