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Ostrich Feather Wedding Decor


For ultimate glamour, and a truly opulent setting, then choose our fabulous “Ostrich Feather” wedding décor collection.

Radiating glamour and creating a statement all on their own – our lovely “Ostrich feather” centrepieces, are rich in classic detailing – to ensure your big day is truly as momentous as you have always imagined!!

Our wonderfully exotic ostrich feather wedding collection has a variety of table centrepieces that will work well with the theme. We have included some photos and some further information below.


To be able to provide you with the perfect wedding background for your special day, we are able to offer our “Ostrich Feather” wedding décor package with any of the centrepieces below. Prices vary according to the centrepiece chosen, so please let us know which of the centrepieces you’d like to use, the total number of guests to cater for and also your wedding venue location and date; to enable us to provide a more detailed quote.

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Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece Wedding Table Decoration

Make your tables stand out, and go for the big style effect, with our glamorous “Ostrich Feather” centrepieces. Sensual crystalline accents, large plumes of ostrich feathers, and a generous amount of opulence, are the sure fire way to create that “ooh aah” effect!

This tall decoration is sure to provide some decadent charm; and if required, our neutral feathers can also be teamed with our colourful, highlight feathers to the ensure that the decorations will work well with your own, colour preferences. Optional lighting also available.

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Black and White Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Our contrasting black & white ostrich feather table decorations, are simply stunning. Large plumes of black & white feathers, set within this sleek setting, are all set to create a striking, awe inspired centrepiece, that work well with your neutral venue setting.

Can be set with additional and optional lighting to create added effect.

“Luiz” Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

Pure heavenly, this stunning table decoration is simply out of this world! Set with our off white ostrich feather decorations and simply luxurious floral accents, this table centrepiece goes beyond words!!

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“Dual” Ostrich Feather Table Decoration

This elegant, glamorous, ostrich feather centrepiece is a must for any table. With it’s abundance of detail, this lovely simple table centrepiece, with it’s rich light accent, is all set to create a cacophony of style; that will delight your guests!

Another of our exclusive items; that will also work well with our bevelled edge mirror detail, and table and petal detailing, to create a luxury, all of it’s own!

“Paris” Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece

Add a classy Parisian touch with our black & white ostrich feather table decorations. Set in a gorgeous slim black or clear vase; and heavily accented, with decadent ostrich feather plumes; these beautiful table decorations will be sure to create a distinctly atmospheric setting, for that extra special day!

Optional lighting also available. Choose from ivory feathers, for a stunning contrast look or black feathers, for a dark, seductive feel.

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Black Ostrich Feather Table Centrepiece Wedding Table Decoration

Create a statement with our classic black crystal ostrich feather table centrepiece. Luxurious and eye catching, our black ostrich feather table decoration, will certainly make your wedding stand out from the crowd!

Another of our exclusive table centrepieces, that can be teamed with lighting and even our magnificent “Mr” & “Mrs” detailing, to create a wonderful statement!!

“Off White” Ostrich Feather Wedding Table Decoration

Make our striking ostrich feather centrepiece your only choice, if you are looking to create a simply “Decadent” venue setting! Generously decorated with a rich attention to detail; this lovely table decoration, will simply radiate charm!

Enhanced with crystalline accents, this enchanting table centrepiece, can also be teamed with our optional base light and / or bevelled edge mirror accessory, to create a natural wonder all it’s own!


We have included additional items below which would work well with our “Ostrich Feather” wedding package. If you would like any further information on the items below, please contact us using by telephone, email or using the attached quote form..

  • Fairy Light Head Table DecorationFairy Light Head Table Decoration Use our fairy light decoration, on your head or cake table, to light up the room! Prices varying according to the table size, so please specify your head or cake table size beforehand, so we can provide a more specific quote.
  • Crystal Tree floor Standing DecorationCrystal Tree floor Standing Decoration – Angled Decoration Add a touch of natural glamour with our large floor standing crystal tree decoration. A large branch is encrusted with crystal garlands, giving you a flowing, gem covered willow tree effect.
  • wedding aisle runnerWedding Aisle Runner If you only make one decision, let it be choosing out Luxurious Pure Wool Wedding Aisle Runner. Complete the look with our fabric petal detailed pew aisle detailing.
  • Crystal Tree floor Standing DecorationCrystal Tree Floor Standing Decoration Why not add a touch of sparkle to your venue with our exclusive floor standing crystal tree decoration. A lovely decoration that will ensure a dramatic entrance, or an ideal large scale accompaniment to your head table, setting. Set with fairy light details this wonderful medium sized decoration will definitely cause a lovely effect within your “Ostrich Feather” wedding setting.
  • extra bright fairy light backgroundExtra Bright Fairy Light Background Set the scene with this ultra glamorous “Extra bright” starlight drape and feel like a true movie star. This rich backdrop is awash with delicate fairy lights, instantly creating a truly magical wedding background.
  • Floral Urn ArrangementFloral Urn Arrangement Our Urn and Pedestal Decoration is decorated with gorgeous floral and pearl detailing, making this “Antique” gift from the Gods! A fabulous touch to your entrance or head table and another of our exclusive items.
  • Large Diamante AccessoryDiamante Accessory Add a bit of bling to your venue with our Large Diamante Accessory. The crystal encrusted starbursts, to ensure an added touch of sparkle to your cake or head table.
  • Ivory Topiary Head Table DecorationIvory Floral Head Table Decoration Whether you prefer the eco-friendly ‘Better-than-Real’ Floral touch or the real deal, our Head Table Arrangement can be made to suit your requirements. A great way to adapt your “Ostrich Feather” wedding décor collection, to suit your big day!
  • Topiary Tree Urn ArrangementTopiary Tree Urn Arrangement Make any venue, your own personal secret garden, with our beautiful Topiary Tree Decoration. Laced with sparkling fairy lights sat in an antique urn, it will finish off your “Ostrich Feather” package beautifully.
  • Floral Arch ArrangementFloral Arch Arrangement Make a stunning entrance with our Ivory Floral Inspired Arch Decoration. Can easily be used as an aisle or backdrop decoration for you ceremony. Another of our exclusive items that can be assured to create a style all your own!
  • Heavily Draped Background Drape“Heavenly” Draped Background Drape Add a real touch of luxury to your head table; with our voluptuous, “Heavenly” detailed, draped background. This exclusive item will definitely add a touch of glamour on your extra special day and can be used in addition or upgraded, to include our “starlight” drape if required?
  • Diamante Chair Cover AccessoryDiamante Chair Cover Accessory Give your guest the star studded treatment with these glitzy little diamante chair details. A great way to glam up any sash you use and work perfectly with our wonderful “Ostrich feather ” wedding setting.
  • domed table centrepieceDomed Table Centrepiece The Ivory Topiary Domed Table Centrepiece is packed with an array of floral detailing. Try adding it to our Ostrich Feather Wedding Décor Collection for an added air of floral romance.
  • Central Mirror Table Decoration AccessoryCentral Mirror Table Accessory A great way to create that head table look, that you will not want to forget! Style abound, this wonderful mirror detail will be sure to create, an atmosphere all it’s own!

Require More Information?

If you would like us to provide a quote based on alternative decorations within the collection, would like to add accessories to the booking. Have a higher number of guests, or different location, please use the floating quote form, or contact us directly, with your requirements, so that we can check availability, and provide further information.

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