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Winter Wonderland Wedding Decor


You can create your very own “Winter Wonderland” no matter where your venue is set, or the time of year! Our wonderfully glacial sleek “Winter Wonderland” themed collection, will be sure to set your spine a tingling!

With our cool white themed settings, our “Winter Wonderland” collection, will be certain to provide you with everything you need for that ice laden, winter white event. Our wonderful event decorations, have been carefully selected to work perfectly perfectly together; and are sure create that extra special wintry effect.


Our “Winter Wonderland” wedding décor collection, has many table centrepieces that will work well with the theme. We have shown a few photos and some descriptions below.

Winter Wonderland Venue Dressing
Winter Wonderland Venue Decorations
Winter Wonderland Drapes and Backgrounds
Winter Wonderland Table Centrepiece

White “Myriad of Crystals” Table Decoration

Elegant and effervescent, our glorious “Myriad of Crystals” will make an explosive impression. Optional lighting adds a lustrous glow, creating an immaculate table centrepiece to light up your evening!

These large statuesque table centrepieces dripping with ice laden crystal details are just another of our exclusive table decorations, that will delight and amaze your guest’s!

“Shayler” Table Centrepiece

Our sublime “Shayler” centrepiece is a flawless addition to your “Winter Wonderland” Event. Bejewelled in shimmering crystals and topped with scintillating lighting accents; this glacial centrepiece, will be sure to create a lavish impression.

Another of our exclusive decorations that will also look great with optional lighting.

“Glitter” Low Table Decoration

Good things come in small packages as our wonderful “Glitter” table centrepiece shows. Bursting with soft accents and crystalline details this low height table centrepiece will work well within your head table setting. Just divine!!

“Enchanted” Crystal Inspired Table Decoration

Create a magical “Winter Wonderland” setting with our exclusive “Enchanted” table decoration. Shimmering with crystals and a soft array of floral highlights; this effervescent table decoration will be sure to create a wonderful atmosphere to your room setting.

Impress your guests with this beautiful piece that will be sure to set the most scintillating “Winter Wonder Land!”

Winter Wonderland Table Centrepiece hire

“Enchanted” Low Table Decoration

Luminescent and full of vitality – our contemporary “Enchanted” low table centrepieces is a beautiful, minimalistic way to add light, to your head table. Just what every ice queen should have beside her!!

“Luxurious” White Table Centrepiece

Sublime and elegant, our “Luxurious” heavenly white table centrepiece; will definitely tick all the boxes! Crisp white accents with white or golden white fairy light detailing to create just the right amount of ambience!

Team with a bevelled edge mirror to enhance the detail. Just another, of our exclusive table centrepieces, that you won’t find elsewhere!

“White Martini Vase Feather” Table Decoration

With soft, silky, bright white feathers, this centrepiece is sure to work well within your “Winter Wonderland” themed event. Featuring a juxtaposition of bright white feathers and soft white lighting, this glorious centrepiece will be sure to set the scene!

Available in our 50cm h or 60cm h setting, these lovely decorations are also available with optional lighting.

Winter Wedding Table Decoration

“Crystal Sphere” Table Centrepiece

Glamorous and full of crystal sophistication. Our Crystal Sphere table decorations, can be teamed with traditional inspired “flicker” candles, or white LED lighting. Both light sources will be sure to create a lustrous glow, but one will create a more traditional atmosphere, and the other will create a sharper, more contemporary hue. Whichever you choose this table decoration will be certain to turn heads!

This wonderful 60cm h crystal “sphere” decoration, can be teamed with our bevelled edge mirrors, and table scatter details, to create a refined “Crysta” wedding setting.

“Crème Amore” Table Centrepiece

Ornate cascading details, extravagant feathers and striking floral accents; our “Crème Amore” centrepiece is certain to enthrall your guests! Distinct and majestic, this centrepiece will stand tall atop your “Winter Wonderland” themed event.

Another of our exclusive table decorations that will be sure to capture your “Winter Wonderland” event setting.

Winter Wonderland Crystal Decorations

“Crystal Wreath” Table Centrepiece

Our wonderful new “Crystal Wreath” table centrepiece, will be sure to set the scene for your “Winter Wedding” Teamed with fresh flowers or on it’s own, this fabulous crystal inspired table centrepiece, is sure to set your pulse racing. Looks wonderful with our White “Extra Bright” light curtain drape background, to create an inspiring “Winter Wonderland”!

Various Items:

  • Fairy Light Head Table DecorationFairy Light Head Table Decoration Our fairy light decoration is sure to make your awards, buffet, or gift table a real feature! Prices will depend upon your table size, so please specify the head or cake table size beforehand, so we can provide a more specific quote.
  • Head Table Floral Decoration“Heavenly” Draped Luxurious Background Drape Our rich, “Heavenly” draped background is the epitome of luxury. Simply divine and guaranteed to add a real touch of glamour, this beautiful drape background is sure to set the scene.
  • ceiling drapes with fairy light detail Dramatic, elegant and sensual – our scalloped edged ceiling drapes with fairy light detail will truly make your “Winter Wonderland” celebration – an event to remember!
  • Crysta Head Table centrepieceCrysta Head Table Centrepiece Our exclusive “Crysta” table centrepiece is a real eye opener! A stunning decoration that would look great on a gift table or awards table, to add a touch of luxurious effect.
  • Large Diamante AccessoryDiamante Accessory Our large diamante accessory will be sure to sparkle with delight! Place these large crystal encrusted starbursts on extra special chairs, to make sure they receive the “star” treatment!
  • extra bright fairy light background drapeExtra Bright Fairy Light Background Our extra bright starlight drape background will allow your venue to truly shine! Richly covered with fairy lights and providing an enchanting atmosphere, this wonderful background will certainly create an ambience all it’s own!
  • Nouvea Crystal Detail DecorationNouvea Two or Three Tiered Crystal Detail Decoration A fabulous way to accessorize your “Winter Wonderland” theme. Our vintage inspired “Nouveau” crystal decoration, are a great way to add a little extra character.
  • Bevelled edge table mirrorBevelled Edge Table Mirror Decorations Enhance your super fantastic table centrepiece with our classic bevelled edge mirror. Create a “centre” to your table and put the emphasis on style!
  • colourful flame lighting entrance decorationsFlame lighting decorations Available in a neutral colour – scheme, add a little bit of the unknown into your venue setting. A great way to create an entrance and to add some vitality to your event!
  • Floral Head Table DecorationFloral Head Table Decoration Our fresh floral head table arrangement is a head table classic. Created using a mixture of white fresh seasonal flowers and our “Better than Real” detailing; this rich abundant arrangement will create a big impact within your venue setting.
  • floor standing crystal tree decorationFloor Standing Crystal Tree Decoration Nothing could be classier in a venue than our floor standing crystal tree decorations. Cascading crystalline accents set with soft white and neutral detailing, make this heavenly decoration, a great way to create an entrance!
  •  Large Floor Standing Crystal Tree DecorationBeautiful Floor Standing Crystal Tree Decoration Especially good as a entrance decoration or as a focal point, our extra large angled floor standing crystal tree decoration, is sure to the the perfect accompaniment to your “Winter Wonderland” themed event.Optional lighting also available.
  • Fairy Light CanopyFairy Light Canopy Cover your venue in style with our fairy light ceiling decorations. Featuring sparkling lighting and made in a rang a range of sizes on a bespoke basis, this atmospheric detail is sure to please!
  • Diamante Chair Cover AccessoryDiamante Chair Cover Accessory Add a bit of glitz and glamour to your chair covers with these gorgeous little diamante details. The perfect accessory as part of your “Winter Wonderland” theme.
  • Napkin Table Card Holder AccessoryNapkin Table Card Holder Accessory Add a special touch to your table setting with our contemporary napkin holder and table card setting – perfect!
  • Light Detail DecorationLight Detail Decoration For a more subtle lighting effect, use our small white light, detailing. A great addition to your venue setting and to brighten up any table.
  • Table ScattersTable Scatters Add a touch of sparkle to your table – with our various coloured table scatters. Available in either clear, silver or various colours, which can even be mixed up, to suit your requirements.
  • Giant-table-scattersNapkin Ring Table Card Why not add a few giant table crystals for your extra special party? Provide some additional bling with these fabulous extra large table scatters.

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